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I think you shouldent celebrate thanksgiving because you are celebrating the killings of the native americans?

Why do you think you should celebrate thanksgiving its for a perrsasive essay on why thanksgiving shouldent be celebrated i need pros and cons

I am stuck on a comparison between Mexicans from Mexico and Americans from America?

For my English I have to write a compare and contrast essay on Mexicans and Americans on culture. I choose three points to compare and contrast on them and they are family, education, and religion. I just need help finding compare to family, education, and religion.

Why would Americans never vote a black man or a woman to become president? Which is stronger sexism or racism?

I Need some help i am typing a small essay on this and need some ideas any thoughts?

How did the Americans try to “civilize” the Native Americans?

I’m writing an essay on how Native Americans were effected during the Americans expansion of land. I know that the Americans tried or at least wished to civilize them, buy their land, fight them for their land, and turned tribes against each other…

Americans: What would you say are our biggest Strengths..?

and Weaknesses?(Please be serious with your answers if you could… this is actually for an essay. but if you have a good joke, then go for it.)

In what ways can we combat obesity among americans?

This is for an essay project? please any help

Early encounters between colonists and native americans, essay, please help?

Early encounters between american indians and european colonists led to a variety of relationships among the different cultures.Analyze how the actions taken by both american indians and european colonists shaped those relationships in TWO of the following regions. Confine your answer to the 1600′ england orchesapeake orspanish southwest ornew york and new franceCan anyone help […]

Should Americans be ashamed?

I think its quite shameful that Colin Powell had to invoke the image of the fallen soldier to make americans realize our prejudices. It was about time.I am talking about his interview when he endorsed Barack Obama. When he finally asked “is their something wrong with being a muslim in america”. He then went on […]

Do African Americans feel like being black makes it impossible to lead a productive life?

I ask because i was tutoring a young black girl and she was writing an essay about race. In part of her essay she said (and i’m paraphrasing here) that being black prevents you from having a decent life and getting a job and stuff. There was no example to support this claim – as […]

How many Americans knew that thousands of Iranians held vigil in Tehran after Sep 11 Attacks in New York?

Here is your proof. [external link] …I found out only today and i consider myself fairly knowledgeable in world affairs. Why are so many Americans misinformed and FOLLOW exactly what their Administration and commercial media tell them? I am asking this because some person asked whether or not America is a ‘fascist state’ and some […]