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Can anyone give me any advice on how to write very detailed answers in timed essays (such as exams)?

i am having difficulty in writing contently in my exam essays such as english. can anyone give me any advice on how to write more in less time.

Why are most Yahoo! Answers questions not questions at all?

The more I look at questions the more I find that most aren’t even questions there just so people can write an essay on what they think about ****… how does one bi pass this unfortunate annoyance?

Its time for the monthly Yahoo Answers wrestling section wrestling awards, TUNE IN AND VOTE FOR THE AWARDS!?

Vote for who the champions are in this Yahoo Answers Wrestling section, and giving a reason why will increase your chance of getting best answer, the ones with reasons will be eligible for being picked as best answer, as it is being picked randomly. You don’t have to give a massive essay, a brief reason […]

Check my answers anyone?

Can someone PLEASE help me? 10 points for best answer.Thanks,Dryden is significant to English literature becauseA. he critiqued the great English masters. B. he was relieved by the return of the monarchy. C. he influenced the style of the English language. D. he was friends with William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson. Why are the “theatres […]

We need answers to our questions, why do we get so many answers from married women, isnt this for singles?

please look up our first list of questions and give us your answers,, also why do so many married girls respond! we are a couple of college guys writing a essay on the quirks of social sexual opinion! Tks from the whole crew!

Should Quebec (Prov. in Canada) be recognized as a distinct society? (opinion based answers)?

This is for my socials 11 class, my teacher said that the answer to this question depends on your definition of a distinct society…. Well since the essay we have to write from this question is opinion based, i thought i’d like to hear some other people’s perspectives… so please there are no bad answers… […]

Hey! Schindlers List questions? plz. i know the answers but need more points of view. 10 points?

im a seventh grader & i have 2 write 2 essays according 2 these 2 questionsthey are based on schindler’s list:The film is dedicated to 6 million jews killed in the Holocaust. Is this dedication controversial in any way?How does the film potray the Holocaust in general? How, for example, is the suffering of individual […]

Ethical Complications Essay.. Answers appreciated :)?

Hi, i’m doing my ‘Ethical complications’ essay and im trying to assign a different study to each ethical issues.So far I have:- Informed Consent (Milgram’s study)- Protection (Zimbardo’s study)- Duty of Care (Watson Study and Mengele Study)I could apply No obligation also to Milgram’s and Right to withdraw to Zimbardo’s but it doesnt reach my […]

What are you doing right now, besides yahoo answers?

I’m writing an essay for English class

Why are yo not alowed to respond to people when you don’t agree with their answers?

I have asked 2 questions on here and some people just don’t take this seriously. They aren’t getting my point and they are commenting on EVERYTHING but what I’m asking. I shouldn’t have to write a 2 page essay in graphic detail for people to understand. Who’s with me when I say yahoo should let […]