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How did the Mexican war and Westward expansion bring apart the southern secession?

please help me. i have an ap history final tomorrow and its one big dbq (essay) and its covering from the 1840′s to the civil war. Some of the documents are Missouri compromise, treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo, a discourse of the constitution by John C. Calhoun, ostend manifesto, know nothing platform, southern view of Kansas, […]

Contemporary Art? Crime? Can we tell them apart?

Contemporary Art? Can we tell them apart?I would like to see if people could recognize which acts were produce solely in the name of art and which ones are actually acts of crime. Not only committed by braking the law but also crime committed against human nature and morality.Could you please take the time to […]

Is materialism, idealism and dualism all apart of mind and body?

in doing an essay on mind and body and looking for at least 3 different and varied philospohical positions on my topic? so are these 3 good? on mind and body.. or do i cocentrate on dualism and monism?

How do i start an essay (why are you interested in science and why would like to be apart of the geoforce?

A good first paragraph for an essay prepares the reader for what is going to come next. For instance, you might have a section devoted to how you collected rocks as a child to study them. That would be a part of your introduction, albeit a small part. Your opener, on the other hand, needs […]

Health is falling apart do to stress, what can I do?

I’m 18 years old and things are going so far out of control I can’t take it anymore! I’m usually really good at handling things and multi-tasking but things have gone too far. I have 20 different huge or on-going things to do (not including everyday life things) and they all demand to be done […]

Is the Chesapeake bay apart of the inner harbor?

I’m doing a essay on this topic and I’m so confused .

Help in english essay on Things Fall Apart please?

Tomorrow i have to write an essay on Things Fall Apart. The essay question is How does Things Fall Apart tackle colonization and cultural erasure? Does anyone have any ideas? Any help is appreciated

How does weather play a role in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe?

I need help with an essay prompt about how the weather works in the book symbolically and how it affects the spiritual or emotional and physical world. Please help me. I’ve read the book and checked sparknotes but I can’t seem to find all the specific examples of the symbolism of weather.

Was there ever a country that fell apart from helping another country?

I need an example for a major essay, but I just can’t seem to think of one. I’ve already got seven examples, but need one more.Has there ever been a country who was a part of an international organization/ community, and fell apart/ went into a financial crisis, etc. because it had an unstable economy?

Question about the book Things Fall Apart..?

so im doing this essay about this novel. Its kinda of hard to follow but its going to be a persuasive essay and i really need guidelines..The prompt is: Did the power that Okonkwo developed lead to his fall?i also need a really good thesis.. Help?