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I need help writing an essay on the Amanda Knox trial. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated?

You can find all the facts in the court report, but I must warn you: it is a long read!The court report can be found here: [external link] I can advise you: don’t read the tabloid because they have spread a lot of things that were simply a lie. For example: there were NO bloody […]

Brainstorming ideas for an essay on Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb?! Any input is appreciated!?

Please help, I’m trying to think of any information that will help support my overall thesis, which is:Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb enjoyed immediate success but in the long term was a disaster.If you could please think of any aspect that is either political, social, religious, economic, intellectual, etc. evidence that would help […]

I am stuck on the last point I must use in my essay, to prove my thesis. Help/suggestions appreciated A LOT?

The statement I was given is:”The outcome of a journey is determinedby the challenges and experiences endured by the individual”I have two points and have written them, but now I am stuck for the third. Please help!

OTHELLO essay question below – some helpful hints would be appreciated =]?

Select a play in which there is internal conflict within the mind of the hero and discuss the significance of this to the drama itself. You should also consider how the conflict is revealed to the audience.

Conducting a quick survey for a high school assignment. Participation is much appreciated :]?

Hi, I’m conducting a survey for my high school’s english class based on Amy Cummingham’s essay “Why Women Smile.” Of course, I’m looking for answer from both men and women. Participation is really appreciated. Thank you! Please state gender and approximate age.1. It’s a Saturday morning and you walk pass a stranger. How do you […]

I’m really struggling with my essay topic, any help is much appreciated, i will select best answer as?

Account for the increase in ethnic identity as a major issue in contemporary Canadian society.This is all it says, and i have to type 8 pages. Please give me ANY ideas to elaborate on. Thanks in advance.

Ethical Complications Essay.. Answers appreciated :)?

Hi, i’m doing my ‘Ethical complications’ essay and im trying to assign a different study to each ethical issues.So far I have:- Informed Consent (Milgram’s study)- Protection (Zimbardo’s study)- Duty of Care (Watson Study and Mengele Study)I could apply No obligation also to Milgram’s and Right to withdraw to Zimbardo’s but it doesnt reach my […]

College transfer admission essay. Any help with grammer or other critiques will be appreciated, thanks!?

Growing up in a peaceful, quiet, close-knit community in Montana, I had little exposure to the larger world, except through newspapers and television. I was able to grow up in a place where few people locked their doors because everyone looked out for each other. It was not uncommon for people to mow their neighbor’s […]

When and where did the great depression take place appreciated.?

hey, i have to do an essay in the great depression and im really stuck on a couple of questions, ive tried google and other sites but i cant find a straight forward answer.when and where did the great depression take place?what where the effects on society, economy and government?how was the derpression overcome?any help […]

Please help edit my essay,assign. : chose a word for a definition essay(corruption).Any help is appreciated!?

There is no concensis upon the definition of the word. Some see it more politically involved than others and some believe it to thrive within one’s self. Can it really be said to mean only one thing? Well, to look at it literally it derives from the latin word corruptus “to destroy, spoil, bribe” , […]