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What are some recent examples of consensus science being wrong?

For an essay I’m working on, I’m trying to find examples where the scientific consensus eventually turned out to be wrong. I’d prefer recent ones — which is what I’m having trouble finding — instead of stuff like an earth centered universe or eugenics.

I need some points for d essay “my expectatios on d education being impardted from my skl” ?

i need to write an essay on this topic in 700 words n hv to submite it tommorow..plzz help me

I have to write a counter essay on “one race being smarter than the other through genetics”….asians?

Well my teacher, 2 weeks ago gave me a final He said “based on information from schools and surveys”Do you think in each race, their brains have similiar work methods….The class put in some pro-claims1) Asians are really smart, alot had got in good universities2) Asian gang members, often get good grades in school, and […]

Do you think my teacher is being unfair? How do i fix this?

I think my teacher really hates me, espicially because my boyfriend is his other class’s class rebel/class clown. -I was exactly a minute late, he told me to go down and get a late slip. It wasn’t an important day.. and it was the first time i was ever late. Another student came late 5-10 […]

Why is my female puppy being dominant over women but not men? desperate for help please!?

i know that i have wrote and essay! but i have a 3 month old labrador x working Cocker spaniel. i understand that certain dogs have higher energy and this is fine she gets 2 walks a day and they are about 45-50 minutes each time and then i play with her at home as […]

What was the quote from Night by Elie Wiesel about the kid being hanged?

I’m doing an essay for my English class about the book Night by Elie Wiesel and I need the exact quote from chapter four where Elie talks about the child being hanged and how he was hanging there for a half hour before he died or something like that. Thank you!

Could you explain this essay question to me? Unsure of what is being asked?

What did Dietrich Bonheoffer mean by “cheap grace”? Critically comment on the nature of subsequent theologians engagement with Bonheoffer’s work. So does this mean the first part of the essay shud be about cheap grace and what he meant by it and THEN a second section discusing how others were influenced by his work IN […]

Do I have a good chance at being accepted to UCSD?

I’m a senior in high school this year, white and male, I’m also a full IB Diploma student, I’m working on my eagle project right now as well too, I’m involved in the science club, my planned major is biochemistry, I have 5 years of science in high school, 3 of them were IB sciences, […]

Is being a crime scene reporter dangerous?

i have to write a essay on what i want to get degrees in at college. i already know i want to be a cheographer for broadway. but i want something to fall back on. i love to write and love to uncover things so i was thinking about being a reporter for crime scenes. […]

Do you think that being a mother is nature or nuture?

can you write an essay on why you choose the one that you did