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High School Help..What’s best for me?

I’m going to be a sophomore in high school, and what is more impressive to the college people? AP US history (that I most likely wont get an A in..since I suck at in-class essays but will show that I took an AP class every year) and 3 years of Orchestra or Chinese (if it […]

Essay help…10 points to the best answer?

I am writing an essay and the topic is Home of the Brave, Land That I Love… I need help thinking of some ideas about what to write…ill give 10 points to the best anwer…thanks!

What is the best way to eliminate or reduce the usage of the word “I” in your essays?

When I write essays that include a lot of “I”, it makes my essay sound childish and immature. What is the best way to eliminate or reduce the usage of I?I cannot use third person perspective since I am writing personal narratives.

10 points for best answer.what does resources mean?

I’m writing an essay about a wedding party project and why the resources are important. what resources does a wedding party need? are the catering staff a resource?

What is your favourite essay and which do you believe to be the best written.?

George Orwell’s “England Your England” on both counts

What is the best 21st century event to write a 3 to 4 research page essay about?


What is the best format to use when making a photo essay?


Why might organistations systematically fail to recruit the ‘best person for the job’?

This is an essay question I’m working on for an HR Module of my degree, I’ve had a few thoughts, I know positive discrimination is probably a factor. Also the idea that maybe someone who fits into the company ‘personality’ as opposed to just the best qualified may be a reason. I was just wondering […]

I seriously need help and best answer ten points!?

1. I have always wanted to play high school basketball. 2. Even when I was small. 3. I went to all practices, ran all the sprints, and was shooting well. 4. My best friend tried out too. 5. I am a better player than him, but he was chosen and I was not.3.Where should the […]

Can somebody edit my essay? 10 points best answer.?

I have read the stories the “And of Clay Are We Created” and “Girl trapped in water for 55 hours dies despite rescue attempts”. The story “And of Clay Are We Created” is a fiction story, while, on the other hand, “55 Hours” is a factual news report. Despite the difference in how these stories […]