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What are some books about the Aztecs that mention human sacrifice?

I’m doing a report and I have to write up a 2 page essay. I checked out this book at the library and it’s full of long words are confusing sentences. Any books that seem understandable for a middle school student that talk about human sacrifice?

What are some good Beatles books?

I am writing my final English essay about John Lennon and the media. I know there are countless books out there about the Beatles and Lennon, but do you know of any that are known to be accurate? Is there a good way of telling whether a source is credible or not? For example, I […]

Essay Topics? Please Help. (Books: Night & Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl)?

I need help with making an outline for each of these essay topics:The essay has 5 paragraphsOutline Style:A.) Thesis StatementB.) Main Topic and 2 subtopics for each of the Body Paragraphs.C.) Different Idea for conclusion.Essay Topics:1. Compare and contrast Linda Brent to Elie Wiesel in terms of spirituality, family loyalty, and resourcefulness.2. In the part […]

Hamlet journal/review books?

I need sources to back up my essay on Hamlet. I can’t use encyclopedia/online sources so what are some journals or books by authors reviewing Hamlet? Any recommendations? Thanks

Why do books helps us learn?

I’m writing an essay arguing against Schopenhauer. He believes reading doesn’t help us learn, but I need ACTUAL facts to prove that it does.Any statistics? Any factual examples? :[

I need a catchy title for an essay about banned books…?

Hey guys. I need your help. I wrote an essay about whether books should be banned or not and I need some sugguestions for titles. I was thinking “To ban or not to ban” is that stupid? any other sugguestions?thanks for your help

Can anyone tell me the names of some books related to my essay topic?

Hi i am writing my essay on women’s rights, power and mother daughter- relationship. For supporting my essay,, i need some sources. Can anyone tell me the names of some books based on those ideas or topics. I found one like- The secret life of bees, dou have more?Please help.

Why do you think Stephanie Meyer did not put a whole lot of sexual content into her books?

I’m writing an essay, and I kind of need some help.Yes, I know she’s mormon, but what about being mormon? i mean, is it customary for mormons to not talk about sex? I just kind of want to understand.Also, are there any other reasons? Besides the fact that Edward would crush her in the first […]

Are there any books, plays, essays, poems etc on incest in Greek mythology?

It’s for my ‘review of literature’ project. Any kind of literature on incest in the Greek Pantheon. Something I can quote from and analyse, knowing that it’s authentic so no random sites or blogs *sighs sadly* And please don’t tell me about Oedipus Rex or any of Sophocles’ plays!

Where is a good reference on line for the different ages of comics books?

doing an essay and require detailed info on the three main ages of comics.