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What do you think about my essay! PLESE HELP! 10 points for a Sincere answer (comments+thoughts bout it)?

if you want the 10 points comment about it and show sincerity…and show poof u read it….please be sincere…its supposed to be a reflective essay or something of the sort. What do you think about it? has it got any mistakes (grammar mistakes especially)? thankx a lot! E.Oh, btw, if you find any mistakes, could […]

I know this sounds cheesy but… how do you think he feels bout me?

Theres this guy, he’s a grade above me and almost a year older than me (Well litteraly he’s 3, he’s born on a leapyear ) okay so we have classes such as drama, business, heath etc together and I really think I’m in love with him but I’m not sure if he feels the same […]

Why do people care bout perfect grammar when texting or like saying hello n stuff i mean ?

So long as you can read it right and its not your essay