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How did the Mexican war and Westward expansion bring apart the southern secession?

please help me. i have an ap history final tomorrow and its one big dbq (essay) and its covering from the 1840′s to the civil war. Some of the documents are Missouri compromise, treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo, a discourse of the constitution by John C. Calhoun, ostend manifesto, know nothing platform, southern view of Kansas, […]

What can you bring to the camp councilor position?

please help me with this essay that i have to write for a job. what can you bring to the camp councilor position? what will being a camp councilor bring to you?

What three topics should I bring up in my essay?

My essay is about organ donors I have a lot of informations I just dont know how to bring it all together. HELP?

What benefits or risks will a Digital Presidency bring?

In my essay “The coming Digital Presidency” [external link] I discuss how Internet tools like social networks could be used by a sitting President to reach supporters and potentially all citizens not just to get a message out but to get feedback on upcoming policy positions. I can see that Internet tools might reform how […]

In what ways could I bring diversity, while being a white person?

I’m trying to write a college essay on how I will bring diversity to a college. But I’m white, so obviously the race/interesting heritage is out of the question, because well, I do normal American things as a normal American white girl. lol!I’m trying to think of other ways that I’m different from others like […]

Should I bring my puppy with me on Christmas day?

I have a 4 month old puppy who has been with me since he was 10 weeks old. On Christmas day my family and I visit family about 40 minutes away and spend the whole day there, coming back at night time. I’m not sure whether I should bring the puppy with us or leave […]

Does Myspace bring computer viruses and spam that can damage your computer?

see I’m doing a persuasive essay for my English class on why Myspace has a bad influence on the minds of children and why people should stay away from it