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Christmas Carol help?

Does anyone know if there is such thing as a no fear shakespeare kind of thing for christmas carol? Or is there anywhere i can go to get a full summary and analysis of the book because i need to write an essay on it and i do not understand any of it… thanks

Help on an essay question about Carol Ann Duffy’s poems?

Hi can u help i have a question which is: As a recognised poet, discuss the influence of feminism on some of Duffy’s poems.That’s the question and the two poems i have chosen are Queen Kong and Standing Female Nude. This is a really important essay and im getting very stressed about it. Can anyone […]

Carol Ann Duffy essay, can anyone help?

I need to do an essay on Carol Ann Duffy and her feminist poems, but i need to know which of them are the most feminist? (Like warming her Pearls, which has Lesbian undertones).I also need help finding secondary sources on her feminist poetry, so if anyone knows any good websites please link them here. […]

Chrismas carol?

ok so iv been given an essay to write but finding it difficult this if what ive been told to do with guidelinesiv done para 1 and was just lookin for some pointers for the other 2 like what examples to do n things. P= pointE=evidanceE=explinationPARA 2HOW SCROOGE’S CHARACTER IS SHOWN THROUGH ACTIONS P) does […]