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I think you shouldent celebrate thanksgiving because you are celebrating the killings of the native americans?

Why do you think you should celebrate thanksgiving its for a perrsasive essay on why thanksgiving shouldent be celebrated i need pros and cons

How do they celebrate “Worker’s Day” in Spain?

I need to know for a Spanish essay!Thanks

“How does the Iliad both condemn and celebrate war?” essay please read and Reply. what does it need?

Condemnation or CelebrationThe Definition of War is a contention by force, or the art of paralyzing the forces of an enemy. War is not only an act, but a state or condition, for nations are said to be at war not only when their armies are engaged, so as to be in the very act […]

When you have finished a long piece of coursework, what do you do to celebrate?

I just finished a 2500 word essay, now I can celebrate, but I dunno how toThanks for answering ☺