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Can someone check if my scholarship essay is good?

Throughout my high school years my mother always nagged me about study, study, study! And being Asian, I thought that is how all Asian parents were, so I never really took her seriously. I thought I could study and do the things that I enjoyed at the same time. As I got older, and the […]

Could you check if there´s any grammatical error in this essay, please? 5 stars?

It is said that we are reaching a new period in history. Modern life seems to be easier and more comfortable than ever. Technology develops itself as fast as a movie, and we are part of this development. Some people say that the Internet is the most useful invention we have ever imagined. On the […]

Is there a website where i can check my grammar?

i have to turn in an essay and word doesnt help me, it says it doesnt have grammar revision for english language, i need to check my grammar in order to turn it in, i dont want to look stupid in front of my teacher, is there a webpage or something?

Does anyone know of a website where I can check statistics of women who stay in abusive relationships?

I have to revise an essay that I wrote for school, and I want to add statistics to the report. I can’t find the statistics that I am looking for. Any ideas?

Can you PLEASE check my essay for Grammar- HELP?

Please tell me what you think about it and what you think is good and give a FULL GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION CHECK. THANKS, any help is appreciatedIt was a typical day: Doctor Miller had arrived at his customary time with a fresh supply of medication and updates for my uncle and me on Gran’s progress, […]

Can anyone check my persuasive essay please? thanks ;D?

Does Television violence have a negative effect on society?Experts believe that TV promotes violence. I strongly disagree that television violence has a negative effect on society. I think that it’s how the people behave in their daily lives and what they see around them. I also believe that it depends much on what they see […]

Could you help me to check my TOEFL essay? Thanks a lot!?

Subject: One of the best ways for parents to help their teenage children prepare the adult life is to encourage them to take a part-time job. Many parents encourage their children to apply for a part time job. They believe this is an effective method to educate their children to prepare for their adult life. […]

How to lectures for check plagiarism in our essay?

i did not send my essay on online..but i guess made some plagiarism in my essay.. i gave my essay to lecturer’ hands.

Please help check essay, grammar or any errors?

I know its not finished but please check if there is any grammar errors or any words I should change. I wrote in 3rd person, are they any errors The world today is obsessed with celebrities. Why? (my topic)People today are obsessed with celebrities today, but why? It because people try to compensate of their […]

Please check these for me!?

The question is “Why are these people important during the past and today?”. (it looks like essay) Please help me fix it and add some more information. Thanks.1. Bell, Graham Alexander was important because he created the telephone. it helped develop the communication during the past. Now it still very essential, we can use it […]