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One question multiple choice?

George is writing a college admissions essay. His topic is to explain why he would be a beneficial addition to the campus. Here are some notes he has jotted down:1. I earned my Eagle Scout badge sophmore year.2. I volunteered at the hospital for six months.3. I play football on the varsity team.4. I helped […]

Chemistry help multiple choice please?

Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)When a radioactive isotope releases a beta particle, the atomic number of the new element is decreased by one. decreased by two. increased by one. increased by two.Question 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)Which of the following statements is not true of the process of nuclear fission? It is […]

8 chem questions :) 10 pts right first answer :] multiple choice easy!?

Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)Which of the following compounds will produce H2O as one of the products when it decomposes?Cu(OH) 2Hg(ClO3)2MgCO3CaOQuestion 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)Which of the following is a product formed when SO2 and H2O react together?SO3H2SO3H2OHSO2Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)Which of the following is a product formed […]

What is a better choice?

I am doing an essay on Lebron James. Should I compare him to the NBA with my 3 arguments being his offense,defense,and leadership or should i compare him with another star player such as kobe bryant?

Pro choice abortion essay?

Ive been assigned to write a 6 page abortion essay defending the pro choice side.. This is really hard for me because I strongly defend the pro life side. I dont even know how I could start this. Any suggestions?

I have to write an essay, something that can have a pro and a con choice. ?

ok i have to write an essay for 10th grade english, and i need help with picking topics, im a girl, so i want a good topic, but it has to have the choice of being pro and con. & i dont want simple one’s like school uniforms. i want mine to be the best, […]

Could i get into the schools of my choice? 10 points to best answer!?

Well Boston University/Northeastern are my top schools and boston college/UCLA for a reach I would like to attend and I’m wondering if anyone thinks i have a shot, i Just took the SAT for the first time, i’m taking ACTS in June, SAT II next week (Biology E, Math lvl 1 and Chem) and then […]

Which course is the better choice for an elective?

I’m aiming for a course that a) requires no essay or composition writing and b) no math1. Intro to Sociology2. Geopolitics3. Intro to Anthropology4. Intro to Political Science

What should I write my essay on Sophie’s Choice about?

It is supposed to incorporate some sort of research and relate it to the outside world. We are supposed to design our own prompt for the essay, and it has to be at least 5 pages in the end I believe. I was thinking of writing something about the psyche of Holocaust survivors versus the […]

To get a 3 on the AP U.S. History exam, what is the minimum score I can get on the essays and mult. choice?

How many questions can I get wrong and what do I need to get on the essays?