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How is Jane Eyre NOT a Cinderella story?

I’m having a hard time thinking about a rebuttal for a persuasive essay I’m writing. Any good points on how Jane’s plot is not like Cinderella’s plot?

What relationship does Adeline have with her family (esp her FATHER)In Chinese Cinderella?

Hello,,,How is everyone? I am a person with English as my second language and thank god I speak fluently. My teach is having her eyes on me telling me I should move from language A to the other class which is bellow but I argued and told her I will do my best in comprehension […]

Writing a paper to compare Cinderella to Hamlet’s Ophelia…HELP!?

Hello people, I have to write a thesis based essay due Monday (July 14th) where I basically have to compare/contrast either the story of Hamlet or characters of Hamlet to ANY modern figure. We are to use the topics of: Revenge, Supernatural, Fear,Love, Power, Loss, Parent/Child relationships, or Gov’t. For ex: Some chose to compare/contrast […]