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Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy compare and contrast?

have a very important essay due which is to compare and contrast the characters of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley. I have come up with some idea’s but I need more. I’m looking for interesting observations that I can’t seem to find myself. I’m also very bad with writing thesis statements. Does anybody have an […]

Is there a site where i can read essay examples to compare my writing to other people?

[external link] …

Funny Compare & Contrast essay topics?

I was thinking maybe Guy’s Way of Thinking vs. Girl’s Way of Thinking, or Chick Flicks vs. Guy Flicks…Any other ideas? it would be super helpful!

Im wirting a report on “the road” by carmac mccarthy and need stuff to compare the story to?

so for my essay one of the questions i have to answer is which other pieces of literature does this novel remind you of? films? poems? music? how? could someone give me a couple examples of things i could use? please and thank you

Compare and Contrast Emily Dickinson’s and Walt Whitman poems?

i need to write a 5 paragraph essay on comparing and contrasting the two, any help would be wonderful

Criteria on which to compare musical theater and opera?

Im writing an essay comparing and contrasting musical theater and opera and was wondering if any one can help me with getting the criteria to compare the on? Thanks:)

How does my compare and contrast essay look so far for Hamlet?

I know its long but much but I would appreciate it! The Difference of Men ” To be or not to be!” Is it better to commit suicide and forget the suffering or is it important to seek revenge for ones honor? Hamlet and Laertes both had opportunities to seek revenge for their sufferings. They […]

Need some help getting my main thesis points down to get started on this compare and contrast essay?

Any help would be helpful. Sorry for any grammatical errors: this was converted from picture to text.This is the paper:In an 1833 letter to John Stuart Mill, Victorian writer Thomas Carlyle included the following description of thirty-year-old Ralph Waldo Emerson . Emerson, Your Presentee, rolled up hither, one still Sunday afternoon while we sat at […]

Fun/Different compare and contrast topics?

i am writing a compare and contrast essay for an advanced composition class and i am looking for a topic that is fun, not too serious…the topic can be anything, but i must be able to reasearch the two topics a little bit…any ideas?

Can someone help me compare Fairies with Fusiliers?

I’m writing an essay for school about the poem Fairies and Fusiliers by Robert Graves. If any one has any information about any of these topics that would be so helpful!What inspired Robert Graves writing?How can I compare the title, with Faires and Fusiliers?Thanks so much for any help!