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Computer help, please?

Hey, just a quick question. I was using my father’s work computer to type an essay. I somehow ended up turning on stickykeys or togglekeys or something. But, none of the keys are responding. I set that computer down, and have been on google trying to figure out how to turn it off. I got […]

I took my brothers essay off of the computer….. (cheating)?

and turned it into my English teacher with my name on it. We are in different schools because he is in 8th grade and I am in 9th grade. I feel really bad about it and can’t get it off of my conscious and only did it because I had to much other homework to […]

Computer Crime Research Essay- Is this a Secondary Source?

I’m trying to do a school research essay on computer crimes/hacking/etc.But we are required to use a secondary source- and to be more specific, a ‘peer-reviewed scholarly source’.Is this one? [external link] it’s not, can anyone help me find one ?

What’s the newest thing in Computer technology?

I have an essay to write about the newest thing in computer technology, but I can’t find anything on Google. Now I would easily put Project Natal for Xbox 360, but I think my teach wants something for Computers only. So can someone help me out?

When is the best time to replace desktop computer?

I have a Dell Inspiron 530 for about 5 years and was working fine/okay until last year. Computer began to hella slow down, laggy, and just shitty as fck. I don’t even play computer games or anything that will eventually slow down the computer. Honestly, the computer wasn’t used to watch disturbing/provacative videos or images […]

Should I get a Macbook or a Windows computer?

I am a college student on a budget! So, as most would know it is a big investment buying a computer. Any suggestions as to what I should get? I don’t intend on playing any games. My school offers a discount on the Word for windows so that wont be a problem either. I will […]

How can I stop getting distracted when I’m doing my homework on the computer?

If i’m typing an essay (which we have to type) then I probably have to do some research on the internet. But I always get distracted, like I’ll start surfing the web and I’ll get barely any of my work done. Then I end up staying up till like midnight or later working until its […]

Which computer is better? PC or a Mac? Why?

I am writing a controversial essay. I love Macs! I would like to know why you prefer one over the other!

Why should childrens computer use be limited?

I have to Wright an opinion essay on limited use of computers I just want to add a couple of points to this essay.THANKS!

Anyone knows something more about computer mouse and scanner?

where can i find a text about computer mouse and scanner?how does scanner work and what kind of c. mouse are there?need it for an essay..thanks in advance..