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Can you correct this for me? (2 sentences)?

“Although the American Revolution was a major turning point in history , it wouldn’t have happened had the Colonists been treated fairly. The Revolution was not only the result of patriotism, but distress and oppression on behalf of the British toward the American Colonists”It’s just a part of an essay I half to write for […]

Please help me correct these few Grammatical errors in my college essay?

I am working on a college essay and my English professor made these suggestions, but I’m not sure how to to correct them from what she is saying. I am only posting the few sentences and grammatical errors which she pointed out. Thanks to anyone with any possible corrections and pointers. The essay is due […]

Could you correct my opinion essay?

Well, English isn’t my mother launguage, so I have had some difficulties with my opinion essay for English class. Could you correct it, please?The teenage are the best years of your life.First of all, we should define what happiness really is. According the dictionaries, it is a state of mind or feeling such as contentment, […]

Is this outline for an essay correct?

Is this outline for an essay correct?My son is doing an assignment for his literature class, they have to write an outline for an essay.He’s gathered one main topic, with a lot of only question is, can there be one main topic?(example, because if i post what he has typed word for word the […]

Are the tenses of this Personal Challenge Essay correct?

Hi! I’m in English II and I’m supposed to be writing a Personal Challenge essay. This is my introduction paragraph. I’m having a bit of trouble with the tenses of my words. Does it sound okay to y’all? And any other feedback would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!Sitting in the middle of a crowded room, shoulder-to-shoulder with […]

Can you make sure this is correct in Spanish?

I have a random Spanish essay due tomorrow and nobody can really check over my work, so if you can read over it and point out anything that would be great. Thanks! Going to post essay in three parts.En marzo de 1911, Emiliano Zapata llevó a la sublevación de los campesinos de Morelos a reclamar […]

What grammar would be correct?

I’m writing an important discursive essay for my A level/higher English folio.I can not decide what is the correct way to put the title.Would it be:’Are Media and Technology negative influences on Young People?’OR’Is Media and Technology a negative influence on Young People?’Which one would be correct? I would have thought it was the first […]

Please correct my essay?

Generally everyone has some sleeping habits but they can be changed. For example when I was as a student in university and I was living in dormitory I used to sleep on a hard floor without any bed and I haven’t covered myself up with comforter and most nights I have fallen asleep at 2 […]

Who can correct my Spanish essay?

I was recently given a huge essay in my Spanish class but I;m really bad at writing Spanish. I wrote the whole thing in English and then translated it through a free website. I’m positive there are many grammar mistakes and was wondering if anyone could read it over and help me out with the […]

There is this girl who wants me to correct her essays in English but I can’t?

She is from Argentina and she sent me a picture of her essay but I can’t seem to make it out. I already told her I would do it but her essay is in very small handwriting and it’s cursive. I am not good at reading cursive at all. I’m afraid I let her down, […]