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I need help writing an essay on the Amanda Knox trial. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated?

You can find all the facts in the court report, but I must warn you: it is a long read!The court report can be found here: [external link] I can advise you: don’t read the tabloid because they have spread a lot of things that were simply a lie. For example: there were NO bloody […]

Could I get into UNC-Chapel Hill?

I’m a junior in hs. My cumulative weighted gpa is 3.89, and this year my gpa is 4.2. My SAT score is 1340. For the application essays I can write about how I have perservered through ten eye surgeries and being blinded in my right eye to swim for 10 years competively. I have had […]

How could i start this essay?

i have to write a historical essay about myself. i have to understand who i am,and go back in life and get 3 influences that has helped me be myself today!and how could i start this essay?(if it was u writing this essay what would ur 3 influences be?)(just trying to get ideas)

How do you write a 500 word essay in response to a question that could be answered with one small sentence?

The question is: Why do you want to enter the Zoo Animal Technology Program?I want to because I love animals and want to work with them in the future, but I can’t think of anything else and don’t know how to put that into 500 words….Can anyone help?

Are there any free online essay graders? or any body good with essay who could look over mine?

im 14 and in the 9th grade, i have an essay due in couple of days, i have most of it written out and i was wondering if anyone knew a website where it would show my mistakes for free or anyone who would look over it for me.

Hi, who could solve this exercise of English grammar, please?

1) Use the word given in capitals below the text form a word that fits in the gap in each line.Most people find the idea of fame (0)………… . But would you (1) ……………. want to be famous? The people who dream of fame don’t always realise just how many (2) ……………. there are for […]

Could you correct my opinion essay?

Well, English isn’t my mother launguage, so I have had some difficulties with my opinion essay for English class. Could you correct it, please?The teenage are the best years of your life.First of all, we should define what happiness really is. According the dictionaries, it is a state of mind or feeling such as contentment, […]

Could you check if there´s any grammatical error in this essay, please? 5 stars?

It is said that we are reaching a new period in history. Modern life seems to be easier and more comfortable than ever. Technology develops itself as fast as a movie, and we are part of this development. Some people say that the Internet is the most useful invention we have ever imagined. On the […]

Could some one Please Edit my Essay? “Green Jeans”?

You can e-mail it to me as an attachment if it’s easier for you to edit. e-mail: [email not allowed] equirments:Directions: Essays For this assignment you will write a combination rhetorical essay.Determine the purpose and audience of the paper. Develop the thesis of the paper. Apply a logical principle to the paper. Outline the ideas […]

Could u plz fix my essay?

The second story is a lot more interesting compared to the first story. Furthermore the characters that are being introduced are also more interesting, such as Jung and Frank. Both of them are very similar but they do have differences such as in personality, physical appearance and attitude towards family.Unlike Jung, Frank is a well […]