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Can someone please describe Michael Jackson’s dancing style?

For an essay… I have writer’s block, so I need ideas. Thanks. Have a gay day! ;D

Describe and analyse how overseas expansion by European states affected global trade and international…cont?

realtions from 1600 to 1715.This is an AP Euroean history essay question. I would like your ideas on it. Please say what facts you would mention in the esaay and how to put it togehter. Thanku!

Describe the long – term social and economic trends that set the groundwork for the Communist Revolution?

please help me answer this ap euro short essay question!

Is there a technical term used to describe a triangular composition? Please help!?

Is there a technical term used to describe a triangular composition? I’m really not sure what it might be called, it’s for an essay. I handed in the draft just saying, “….a triangular composition blah blah blah”, but apparently that is not the correct term [it IS a triangular composition, the marker just doesn't want […]

Can you describe how molecules or ions are moved through active transport processes?

I have to write an essay involving questions like this. I just need the information.

Whats a good song to describe the main character in this book?

Well the Book is “The house on mango street” and if you have read it you know the main character is Esperanza. and shes a girl who hates her name. and moves alot to different places. Shes always feeling shy and out of place. like she doesnt fit in. She finds out her love for […]

My son has to describe in an essay form what the poem My Friend means.?

My Friend when I think of you. I think of all that we’ve been through. All the times we argue and fight, I know deep inside that it isn’t right. I, then feel bad and alot of pain. It feels like I’ve fallen from the sky like the rain. I love you dear friend with […]

Describe the outbreak of the French and Indian War.?

I need this for an essay I have to write! Please help me! I still have 2 more essays to write for history. I only need help with this one.Thanks!

How do you describe a slaughtered rabbit?

I am writing a essay in english and we have to write the end to the story called the fury by stan barstow and i have to describe how the the rabbits were slaughtered. I want a long complex detailed sentence which describes the rabbits. thanks so much

Can you describe a sari?

For my English essay am writing about a sari. Can you help me to describe a blue sari with silver diamonds on it? xx