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Would the title of an epic poem be underlined or put in quotation marks?

i’m writing a handwritten essay, and i have to mention Homer’s Odyssey. should i put Odyssey in quotation marks or underline it?

How do I start my epic essay?

I need help on how to start my essay. The essay has to deal with Beowulf, the Iliad, and Gilgamesh. All I need help on is how to start it the rest I’m fine.

Can you italicize novel titles or just epic poems?

I italicized both an epic poem and a novel in my essay (which was a compare & contrast essay between the ideas of both)Was I correct or should I have italicized one and underlined the other?

The Epic of Gilgamesh?

for an essay I need to compare it to a flood story or a different cultural version of my choice can anyone tell me one or give me a list of the different cultural versionsthank you

Is Beowulf a typical epic hero?

i need to write an essay about the epic poem Beowulf. the prompt is: ” Use your knowledge of the characteristics o an epic hero to evaluate Beowulf. is Beowulf a typical epic hero? ( hint: at the end of the poem, an age Beowulf battles a dragon. he faces this challenge on his own […]

What exactly is a Mock Epic Device? And possible a few examples?

I’m getting a feel for the Mock Epic part, but what exactly are the “devices”. I need to get some specific examples here to answer this particular essay question.thanks in advance

Who is the most justified to engage in battle in the epic poem Beowulf?

I am writing an essay on Beowulf and i need a thesis statement that answers this question. Does anyone have any suggestions? The three choices that you can pick from are: Grendel, Grendel’s mom, or Beowulf. Please help!