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I need help writing an essay on the Amanda Knox trial. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated?

You can find all the facts in the court report, but I must warn you: it is a long read!The court report can be found here: [external link] I can advise you: don’t read the tabloid because they have spread a lot of things that were simply a lie. For example: there were NO bloody […]

What do you think about my essay! PLESE HELP! 10 points for a Sincere answer (comments+thoughts bout it)?

if you want the 10 points comment about it and show sincerity…and show poof u read it….please be sincere…its supposed to be a reflective essay or something of the sort. What do you think about it? has it got any mistakes (grammar mistakes especially)? thankx a lot! E.Oh, btw, if you find any mistakes, could […]

Can someone offer me a critique on my essay?

Its an analysis of a film. Its about 1400 words long. I will send it via an email attachment or yahoo’s messaging system but I won’t post it here. I am not asking you to make edits or to spellcheck but rather to read it and give me an overall idea on what I need […]

Bad effects of coffee?But i need source to write essay?

Coffee will make a good essay because you can show the difference between Caf and non Caf Coffee, You can also explain the difference in the Vanilla Bean vs. Capacino.

Just found out I have a History essay due tomorrow… anyone have information about Thomas Beckets death?

The essay is about to what extent Becket was responsible for his own death, so anything relating to that would be great… I’m not looking for anyone to write the essay for me or anything, but I missed last lesson and therefore a large bulk of the information that was supposed to be in the […]

How could i start this essay?

i have to write a historical essay about myself. i have to understand who i am,and go back in life and get 3 influences that has helped me be myself today!and how could i start this essay?(if it was u writing this essay what would ur 3 influences be?)(just trying to get ideas)

Will anyone please help me edit my essay for school?

Yeah, it would be great if you could find any grammar errors, punctuational errors, spelling errors or anything else. Oh, and did I source things right? Opinions all together would be great. Thank you As a child, one might dream of being a princess or a firefighter when they grow up, but sometimes those dreams […]

Conclusion for “to kill a mockingbird” essay on courage to change?

hello everyone. im doing an essay on to kill a mockingbird. the topic is courage to change. my characters are atticus, boo radley, and mrs. dubose. i need help for the conclusion, please! you will do a great favor.

To Kill a Mockingbird essay help, please!?

My essay is about whether or not Aunt Alexandra should take custody of Jem and Scout or Atticus should retain custody of his children. I chose that Atticus should, but I need help on why Aunt Alexandra shouldn’t and also was hoping to get 2 good reasons on why Atticus should still retain custody of […]

How should I reference my essay?

I’m writing an economics essay in which I have paraphrased alot of theoretical models. How should I reference these models? The often take upto a page in describing, but I do write in my own words