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In what ways had the European Union moved toward economic unity? Why have some people opposed this?

Please I need accurate facts to help me with an essay. Thank you everyone for trying.

Describe and analyse how overseas expansion by European states affected global trade and international…cont?

realtions from 1600 to 1715.This is an AP Euroean history essay question. I would like your ideas on it. Please say what facts you would mention in the esaay and how to put it togehter. Thanku!

Can anyone help me with these 2 european history essays ! pleezzz?

-Analyze the social, economic and religious consequences of the black death which had an enormous impact on Europe.-What were the short and long term political, social and economic results of the 100 years’ war (between England and France) on both sides of the English channel?

European and Australian Jazz Musicians?

Im doing this long essay on the history of Jazz and need some examples of how European and Australian Jazz musicians have contributed to any jazz styles from the 1950′s onwards.Just any examples of notable Euro/Australian Jazz musicians would be very helpful.Thank You.

Which european colonized Rwanda?

Im doing my final essay and i forgot, maybe the dutch?hellp

Explain the European concept of Feudalism and compare it to the japanese counterparts?

I am doing an essay on the question and i really need some help or some ideas! thanks! btw its due tommarow :/

Similarities/Differences between European colonization of the New World and interest in Asia’s trade network?

I need to write a short essay for an exam coming up? Does anybody have any answers to this question?

Best 19th century european literture author to write about?

i have a list of authors Johann Wolfgang Goethe ALexander pushkin Victor hugo paul verlainearthur rimbaudGuy de MaupassantLeo TolstoyFyodor DostoyevskyHonre de balzacGustave FlaubertHeinrich HeineHeinrich IbsenWhich would be easiest to write about in a general essay and what novel should i read of that author ( Prefferably not such a long novel)

Help with my AP European work?

Defend or refute this statement using specific examples from 16th century Europe.”Martin Luther was both a revolutionary and a conservative”. It needs to be a 5 paragraph essay and I will help you with whatever you want if you please help me with this. I will even pay for it.Spare me the morality issues please.

What European explorer(s) made contact with the Cherokee Indians?

I really need help with this, I have to write an essay on Indians and European explores ad why they move. If you know of a different tribe that was in contact with a European explorer that would be fantastic! Thank you so much.