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Who did George Lucas fire because he wouldn’t do it Lucas’ way during the production of his first film.?

I’m going to use this as an (analogy?) in my essay for English. I have to write an essay about obsessiveness v.s. open-mindedness. This is going to support my argument for why obsessiveness is good sometimes. George Lucas obsessed about having things perfectly the way he wanted them. When someone on his staff refused to […]

What was Edgar Allan Poe’s first real literary success?

please help! i knew the answer once, im thinking its “The Raven” but im not quite sure and want to double check, but i cant find the answer again any where. and i have this essay due 2marrow!

Wat does this mean i mean i get the first half but what is “at peak times”?

Smarthinking has received your submission to the online writing lab. Our tutors strive to return essays within 24 hours, but at peak times we may take a bit longer to ensure that you get helpful and complete comments. i just want to know what is peak times

Can i get a quick summary about the first amendment? please…its for my essay due tomorrow?


How does a spiritual revival among First Nations groups serve to strengthen their cultual identity?

This is an essay I am struggling with. Any ideas?

What sort of bad stuff happened to the US during the first World War?

I am trying to support the isolationism occuring in America during WW2. An essay that says sort of “haven’t we learned our lesson from the first world war? why should we let Roosevelt use the LendLease policy to send weapons over there?”

Should I use present or past tense in a first person POV essay?

I am writing a story in first person POV, yet I don’t know should I use present or past tense. Normally I will choose to use past tense, but when writing parts like:”I chuckled at that old memory of mine. It was always great to remember her childhood. How I missed her innocent personality. Seemed […]

Writing an essay about first time in Los Angeles Airport?

ok so im have to write this essay for school about a significant event in my life, i decided to write about the time i came to california, i want to describe LAX in the first paragraph. like the feeling or the things i saw at the airport but i dont really remember what the […]

Will you grade the first paragraph in my essay?

It was the night of August 23, 1982 and all was fine until the end of the football game that Friday night. It was the game of Mt. Morris High School verse North Jackson High School. The game ended the fans had left and it was now pitch black outside. Some of the football players […]

How to start out first sentence of ALL ABOUT ME essay?

I need an intro sentence for my all about me essay, something that catches the readers mind, you know? all help is appreciated greatly