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What would be a good focus question for an essay on the Watergate Scandal?

What did the president know and when did he know it?

Do i have ADD/ADHD (attention disorder) cant focus either…?

ha ha happens to all of us… but seriously everytime i get on the computer 2 type an essay or do my homework i end up checking my email and surfing the web and searching up random things on google! HELPPPPP PLZZZZ!AND I CANT STOP COZ MY BRAIN BECOMES EASILY NOT FOCUSED DO I HAV […]

How do i focus on finishing an essay when i’m depressed?

How do i focus on an essay when i just broke up with my best friend? I’m very depressed and really stressed. How do i focus on my paper that i’ve been trying to start all week but couldn’t because of the break up? It’s due on Monday. I really need to know how to […]

What books focus on an individual who would get everything from his parents and wants to start a new life?

I’m writing an essay for english in how Chris McCandless (Into The Wild) got everything from his parents but yet he sets out for a trip and seems to want to build a trip. Part of the assignment is to bring in another book that has the same mentality or the same topic as this. […]

What are some poems that focus on change?

I’m looking for a poem that talks about change, specifically life change. It needs to be by a fairly well known poet, and long enough for a good length comparative essay. Any ideas would be appreciated, and not just focused on life change, but change in general as well. Thanks in advance.

The focus of any writing should be the same throughout, whether it is an essay, letter, or story.?

Is that true?

Can we think of some “texts” (books, films..) that focus on obsession & madness?

For example, “Porphyria’s lover” by Robert Browning or even something ultra-modern like House M.D. It’s for a literature essay. Sexual or romantic obsession is a plus.Thanks in advance!

In need of a catchy title for an essay on Focus On the Fundementals! 10 points easy :D?

Hey everyone,I wrote an essay on the struggles integration of Middle Eastern people when coming to America. My essay is based on the infamous “Focus on the Fundementals.”Does anyone have any ideas for a catchy title!?Thank youu

For one of my essay paragraphs i want to focus on the physical destruction of war? what should i include?

First of all what exactly do you define pysical destruction as i think of it as death and injury so for my essay i want to focus on types of pysical damage deaths etc what should I cover ? btw its actually based on the novel A Rose for the Anzac boys but general knowledge […]

What’s your main focus in Stephenie Meyer’s The Host?

What do you focus on mainly in The Host?i.e. Wanderer’s struggles, the whole sci-fi theme, the souls, etc.?What interests you? I need answers because I’m doing an essay on finding out what aspects of the novel people focus on.Thank you. x