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How to say the following phrase in German?

“I really enjoy history because it is interesting to learn about things that happened in the past as they had an impact on the way things are today.”If this cannot be translated, a similar phrase will do. This is to be included in an essay however I’m struggling with the word order when attempting to […]

15 minute I.B. Oral Presentation on the two of the following Crucible, The Scarlet Letter,and The Great Gatby?

At first I decided to put Daisy and Gatsby in the Puritan society of Salem, Massachusetts and do a walkthrough of their perspecive of the moral restrictions. Unfortunately I realized that I could not find a purpose or “any literary merit” for doing this. Moreover I still need to write a standard 5 pg essay […]

What are some arguments that either attack or support the following claim (about Greece and socialism)?

“The recent economic collapse in Greece is evidence of the futility and overall disfunction of socialistic policies.”Guidelines for a proper answer:This question is not attempting to make any point, it is simply seeking valid, logical arguments/opinions. To be considered for the “best answer”, an answer must appear level-headed, rational, and include at least one fact […]

Compare and contrast the following accounts of the afterlife / heaven and hell..?

1) Gilgamesh2) Odyssey3) Roman ViewI’m working on writing an essay..I’ve been researching like crazy..but I need 5 pages and I just need info to fill them up. I’m not asking for you to write it for me..just for some extra info to include to add onto what I already have. =)I’m describing the 3 first..then […]

Urgent reference needed. In which 1997 book/essay did William Andrews write the following?

“the search for a communal means of expressing contemporary African American identity and its roots in hitherto unrecorded history continues.”He added further that autobiography also continues to bear profound witness to its cultural heritage and to its ongoing responsibility to represent the individual and communal voices of African Americans.

Which of the following is not true of a concluding paragraph?

A. It is the best place to introduce new ideas into the essay. B. It usually includes some restatement of the thesis. C. It represents the final attempt to convince the reader of the thesis. D. It crystallizes the argument in the mind of the reader.Study guide not sure about this problem? Help?

Need references of the following famous quotations? I need to cite these in my essay?

Please provide the source (book, magazince, page number, etc) of these quotes:”The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”(Martin Luther King Jr.)and “Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.”(Gandhi)

Could someone give me a detailed outline for the following “essay” question?

Analyze and discuss the extent to which the art of the Renaissance exemplified the values held by the leading thinkers of the time, using examples of specific art and artists.THANKS!

Please let me know my mistakes in following paragraphs( English writing)?

It is an ielts essay and must have between 250-300 worldsIt is true that during last few years, health care system hasimproved hugely in many countries. However an improvement in the overall standard of physical health system is not observed. There are several underlying factors for this issue and individuals need to take proper steps […]

In writing which of the following is an important consideration when choosing which verb tense to use?

A. Don’t shift from one tense to another if the time frame for two actions is the same.B. Shift tense order to indicate a change in time frame from one action to another.C. When writing a paragraph or an essay set a primary tense and use occasional shifts to other tenses to indicate changes in […]