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I need help with my essay on egypt and i need a full paper filled with important facts about egypt. help me?

Interesting Facts about Egypt The official name of Egypt is ‘Arab Republic of Egypt’. The country is known as ‘Misr’ or ‘Masr’ in the local language. The capital of Egypt is Cairo and the city holds the distinction of being the largest city in Africa and the Middle East. Egypt is spread over an area […]

Need an introduction for an essay about the food pyramid and full day car – national minimum standards…HELP!?

i can write essays just need help starting them, once im started im off lol … so i need help people! i need an introduction (doesn’t have to be too long) but needs to be simple and not many big words as it must seem its written by me im 19 so not childish writing […]

Is it really suspicious that I keep getting full marks?

Is it really suspicious that I keep getting full marks?I’d say I’m a clever person, but I don’t get like straight A* all the time or anything. Recently however, I got full marks in my maths mock exam, I got full marks in my geography test, I got the highest mark for a piece of […]

Chem help only 2 questions and full points!?

Question 30 (Essay Worth 4 points)Describe at least two experiments, including the observed results, that caused the scientific community to accept changes to Dalton’s original model of the atom.Question 31 (Essay Worth 4 points)Explain how Niels Bohr’s observation of hydrogen’s flame test and line spectrum led to his model of the atoms containing electron orbits […]

Does know the format of a full lab write up essay?

Scientific Method.Like you know, Hypothese, Materials, Conclusion, etc.

Just out of interest, how long do you think it would take you to read a full 20 page article from journal?

..If you didn’t find the article from the journal interesting that is. Just curious because that’s just what i’ve done for an essay.

What’s the full story on the Burma protests?

Doing an essay on it.How’d it start?How many deaths were there?And, yeah, you know the drill…Can I get sources too, I need a bibliography..

Full synopsis of the book Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry?

The book is by Mildred D. Taylor. I’m doing an essay for it in English and the one I have currently isn’t much good. Can you suggest a full synopsis with most of the crucial events in?Thanks xoxo

Help with my editing? I’ve written a full length novel and am working on editing? Short section.?

So I’m working on editing my novel, it really needs a lot of pollishing, and I know that. This section just stands out to me, and I know it needs fixing, but can’t get it perfect or the way I want it! Help?Here it is:Jasmine and I were whispering to each other again; Mrs. Jenshion […]

Can someone give me a full list of religions that support gay marraige?

it’s for an essay i’m doing. if you cant list them all, any you know will be helpful.