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Essay Topics? Please Help. (Books: Night & Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl)?

I need help with making an outline for each of these essay topics:The essay has 5 paragraphsOutline Style:A.) Thesis StatementB.) Main Topic and 2 subtopics for each of the Body Paragraphs.C.) Different Idea for conclusion.Essay Topics:1. Compare and contrast Linda Brent to Elie Wiesel in terms of spirituality, family loyalty, and resourcefulness.2. In the part […]

Can you name some girl werewolf names and some boys vampire name?

can you please help me i need it to write an essay .can you please not give me any twilight names please? also can you give me some vampire girls name and some werewolf boys name please.if you do you get easy 10 points

Would you help a little girl named Susan who needs someone to write her essay and is willing to give money?

Little Susan got two B’s and the rest C’s on her essay. Her teacher is very picky and when Susan forgot to mention two other authors her B paper went to a C minus. Little Susan talked to this teacher many of times and he is not a C type person. Susan even showed her […]

Would it be weird if I am a girl and write in a boy’s perspective for a story?

For an English story/essay/thinger ma jigger.Well… yep..

What is the “theme” of Gossip girl?

im writing an essay about it and i need it for my thesis.

There is this girl who wants me to correct her essays in English but I can’t?

She is from Argentina and she sent me a picture of her essay but I can’t seem to make it out. I already told her I would do it but her essay is in very small handwriting and it’s cursive. I am not good at reading cursive at all. I’m afraid I let her down, […]

Should I still “HANG OUT and CHILL” with this GIRL?

A few weeks ago, I met a girl in student residence. We have been meeting for coffee several times lately. She has been inviting me over several times to her place.The other day, she gave me a nice hug and said “you’re a really good friend”The other day, she invited me to her place. She […]

Did I follow the correct approach in this GIRL situation?

I know a girl in University student residence. We chill, talk, and spend hours together. She would invite me over to her place and make me coffee. We also watched movies together. The past month has been really busy with final assignments. We really hadn’t seen each other for almost a month and a few […]

Is it normal to be 16 and never had a gf or kissed a girl?

All of my friends brag about how they have gf’s and they always rub it in my face. I usually say nuthin to them but deep down inside i really hate them for it. My mom always says ur gonna find the right girl or watever (blah blah blah). Im tired of hearing the same […]

Girl with a pearl earring………….?

i am doing an essay on the painting girl with a pearl earring for art can you describe the painting i mean what it looks likethe brush strokes and techniques used if you know coz my teacher is a stickler for detail