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MacBeth (essay) Thesis help. anyone wanting to look over my thesis and give there opinion?

My essay will be based on the gender aspect of Macbeth. the question im answering is what gender is more influential to the outcome of MacBeth?i haven’t worked on a topic sentence yet, but this is my thesis.In the story “MacBeth” by William Shakespeare, woman (commonly regarded to be silent, obedient and respectful) unleash their […]

Do you like my essay? What mark would you give me?

So Im in Grade 7 And we haad to do an essay only a paragraph (thats long) that talks about wether we though Louis Riel was a hero or villian and we had to put in 5 examples. I just put in the list of rights for the 5 examples do you think it counts? […]

Can anyone give me a atgumentative style essay about 700 word example?

i need to lean how to write atgumentative style essay, can anyone help me with that and give me a example plz?

Please give me 10 tips for fuel efficiency-buses?

I have to wrie an essay competetion on the above topic

Please give comment for my essay?

Malaysia is a country which is situated in the monsoon regime. According the the Malaysian Meteorological Department, Malaysia experiences four monsoon seasons, Southwest Monsoon, Northeast Monsoon and two shorter periods of inter-monsoon seasons. According to Cheang (1986), Northeast monsoon (winter monsoon) and Southwest monsoon (summer monsoon) are derived from the low-level prevailing winds of the […]

Can anyone give me any advice on how to write very detailed answers in timed essays (such as exams)?

i am having difficulty in writing contently in my exam essays such as english. can anyone give me any advice on how to write more in less time.

Would you help a little girl named Susan who needs someone to write her essay and is willing to give money?

Little Susan got two B’s and the rest C’s on her essay. Her teacher is very picky and when Susan forgot to mention two other authors her B paper went to a C minus. Little Susan talked to this teacher many of times and he is not a C type person. Susan even showed her […]

Can someone please give me a good essay question/topic regarding the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam war?

Something specific please…

Can give me some essay for spm standard?

i need to find some bahasa melayu essay for SPM standard.

Can you give me some supporting ideas to my essay topic which is poverty?

If you can give me more than 5 ideas…that would be much appreciated