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Great essay about the creations of god or summarized story?

my teacher in values said that we should make a album about creation about godpls. help

What do you think makes Janet Jackson a great artist?

I’ve asked this before, a few months ago, but I hardly got any answers.So maybe I’ll be more lucky with some this time.I already know what I believe makes her a great artist (the best) but I want to hear others’ opinions and thoughts. I’ll probably keep rambling on into an essay if I give […]

Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations’ Essay Help!?

Hello I have an essay due sometime next week and a topic I thought of writing about was Revenge as a motivating factor for both positive and negative behaviors, so I was wondering, what characters in the book show revenge besides Miss Havisham of course. thanks for the help, and if you can provide quotes […]

Great Writers HELP! Essay on TKAM?

Anybody want to write me a 5 paragraph analytical essay on To Kill a Mockingbird? Please I will be your best friend I’m willing to pay for a great paper!The topic is that Tom Robinson, Atticus Finch, and Boo Radley are the stories mockingbirds.I really need to sound smart in this paper! Help!

Great Gatsby essay title?

The essay is about whether the book is a coming of age story or not. I said yes. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO USE FOR A TITLE. >

Has anyone ever read the Essay by Mark Twain “Last words by great men” if so please help?

I don’t know what to say for this? I have a journal in school that im doing and i dont know what to say to these questions. And these are my last three questions of it out of all 25 so if you could help that would be great.1.What emotion did you hear in Mark […]

Name characters in a great piece of literature that believed themselves ugly but were actually not?

great pieces of literature means something appropriate for an essay in school. like the classic books being read in an english curriculum .also they could be historical figures. anything i could use!i just need some specific examples to put in my paper you know?

Sense of loss in the great gatsby and death of a salesman, or the american dream in the great gatsby and the?

can anyone help I have to have an essay comparing the great gatsby and the death of a salesman I just dont know where to start and my heads all over the god damn place! we have to compare the ideal of the american dream or the sense of loss in both of the novels. […]

Calling all english teacher, could you give me pointers to improve my courseowrk about great expectation?

helloi wrote an essay and i got a B+. the teacher didn’t really give me many pointers to improve it so could you please send me your email adress so i can send you my coursework so you can give me pointers about how to improve it. i am doing the aqa course. the essay […]

I am writing an essay on the story Great Expectations by Charles Dickens on three themes in the story?

I need to write a good introductory paragraph on the three themes ambition, self-improvement and social class. Im having writers block and need help! If you could help me that would be so awesome!