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Hamlet Essay – Reasons for Hamlet’s Delay?

I’m writing an essay for English on Hamlet and my essay topic is: Three Reasons for Hamlet’s Delay. I listed one of the reasons was his cowardness and I would like to find the quote where he says something along the lines “i do not know why I’ve delayed my revenge.” I remember him saying […]

Writing a paper to compare Cinderella to Hamlet’s Ophelia…HELP!?

Hello people, I have to write a thesis based essay due Monday (July 14th) where I basically have to compare/contrast either the story of Hamlet or characters of Hamlet to ANY modern figure. We are to use the topics of: Revenge, Supernatural, Fear,Love, Power, Loss, Parent/Child relationships, or Gov’t. For ex: Some chose to compare/contrast […]

Evidence that Hamlets madness causes the death of Ophelia, Polonius, and Laertes?

Doin an essay and needed some point on how Hamlet’s “madness” leads to the death of 1) Ophelia – his love2) Polonius – father of Ophelia3) Laertes – son of Poloniusi need points and evidence