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Hero essay title? on what makes a hero?

I need the title to be catchy. Also, it is for an exemplification essay. If you have any examples or suggestions please feel free to comment. Thanks, Ashley User tags:hero essay titlesgood titles for superhero essay

Tragic hero found in today’s society?

The definition of a tragic hero is someone who makes an error, due to their own PERSONAL flaws, thus leading to self-destruction, or falling from grace.I need a person in today’s society whose own flaws cause them to fall from grace, to compare them in an essay to Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Any ideas?

Star wars as the journey of the hero?

i have to write an essay about how star wars episode IV follows the journey of the hero, its 12 steps with the 7 archetypes, please help

How can Antony in Julius Caesar be considered a hero?

So basically I moved and had to transfer to different school. They read Julius Caesar and I did not, but I have to write an essay as to why or how Antony can be seen as a hero without having much knowledge of the play/story. This is due tomorrow and I have no time to […]

What’s a good thesis statement for what you think makes up a hero.?

Well I’m writing an essay for english and I’m having trouble thinking of a good thesis statement for what makes a hero.On my instructions paper they gave us an example which is”Heroes are made up of ordinary people who exhibit extraordinary courage.”I don’t want to use that one so anybody have any good ideas?

Need a title for my essay. It’s about a poem that breaks down a hero to reveal his weakness?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… not so perfect.

Cassius as a tragic hero in Julius Caesar (10 points best answer)?

Ok, I have to write an essay due tommorrow and it’s 7:30 PM, my teacher assigned it over the week end thinking we would do it (NO ONE did) and now I have to do it tonight. Well, what would be Cassius’s tragic flaw? I’m seriously, like would it be jealousy? integrety?PLEASE HELP?

What’s a good book that has a character that’s a model hero?

It’s for the Margaret Feldman essay contest. I don’t really care what it is, but, I have to write the essay for a grade in my English class.

Show that Macbeth is both a hero and a villain in the play.?

This is my essay topic, and im having trouble starting the introduction and quotations too support this topic.

What is a good title for an essay about my hero?

I wrote about my aunt being my hero because of how much she’s done for my family and how she’s always there for us. What is a CREATIVE title for it? Any ideas?