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Just found out I have a History essay due tomorrow… anyone have information about Thomas Beckets death?

The essay is about to what extent Becket was responsible for his own death, so anything relating to that would be great… I’m not looking for anyone to write the essay for me or anything, but I missed last lesson and therefore a large bulk of the information that was supposed to be in the […]

Why History curse is hard here in America?

Details: I enrolled History class here in US and i am struggling doing homework essay. Every exam takes 10 pages and every Primary source assignment takes 4 to 6 pages. As a person who have not done english composition, I find very difficult for me because my grammar and my vocabulary is sucks. I came […]

My History ISU HELP!?

Okay I am in grade 11, and I am taking an American History course and i need some help.For our ISU, we have to pick a topic after WW1 up till now, about anything … but not anything … the ISU is an Essay that is controversial or basically an argumentative essay 7-10 pages… The […]

I need help to answer these two history questions.?

They are for personal info and I have researched them but I would like to know what others would say to answer them. Thank you. Two to three sentences is fine it is just for personal info it doesnt have to be like an essay.List four factors and/or events that contributed to American’s fear of […]

History Essay Help (Hitler+Mussolini)?

I need to write a 5-6 page essay for historyTopic – Compare and contrast Mussolini and Hitler as political leaders and thinkersAny ideas/thesis/etc (anything!) to write about

Is 3 paragraphs enough for a GCSE 20 mark History essay?

excluding intro and conclusion

History essay about who discovered America?

Recent historical scholarship has produced numerous theories of who discovered America, from the Africans to the Vikings, from the Chinese to the Arabs. Explain why this debate does or does not matter. I have a few ideas for both sides but was wondering if anybody out there that has more history knowledge than I do […]

U.S. History Essay Help!?

I need help, fast. Using what you have learned in this section and the images in the Book of Hours, write a response to the following question from the point of view of a peasant. Imagine you are a peasant in the middle Ages, required to provide food to the knights and nobles. For this […]

How to write a history essay?

How would you write an essay about African slavery for history. What should my thesis sound like, and how many argument paragraphs should I have?

Give me good and free sites for notes on history of english litreature?

topics desired r augustan non fictional prose,metaphysical poetry,romantic essayists,augustan verse satire..even notes or term papers are welcome …help as soon as possible..