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What are some books about the Aztecs that mention human sacrifice?

I’m doing a report and I have to write up a 2 page essay. I checked out this book at the library and it’s full of long words are confusing sentences. Any books that seem understandable for a middle school student that talk about human sacrifice?

When you read Locke’s works such as” An Essay Concerning Human Understanding and “Two Treatise of Government”?

Doesn’t he seem like a really thickheaded dull man? I truly wonder how he influenced the Declaration of Independence. First of all he starts “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding” by apologizing to the public and how he is too tired and lazy to fight with anyone who is against his book. Ok at first I […]

Im writting an Essay on Human Cloning… Can u help me?

Ok im almost done, but i need a lil’ help on a few points. Instructions:Research at least 4 sources on human cloning. You must include the President’s most recent stand and examples from The Foundation for Human Cloning available at ur research take a stand either for or against human cloning. Persuading The Senate […]

Should the United Nations have the power to enforce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights worldwide?

This is an essay question I have to write about. Please give details.

Im looking for an attention getter for a persuasive essay on human stem cell research and why it shouldnt be b?

Human stem cell research has the potential to be the biggest shift in human health since the development of modern medicine. God doesn’t approve, he likes us to live in pain and fear.Hope this helps. Sometimes you just can’t fight the obvious.

Whats the name of the effects of media on human innovation?

I am writing an essay and need a proper name for this topic. My essay answers the question, “:What are the effects of media on human innovations and technology?” For instance, Star Trek influences teleportation studies.

How To Get Human Trafficking Essays ?

How To Get Human Trafficking Essays ?

What hormones cane be used to alter human fertility and what are the effects?

I have to do an essay and we have to talk about the good points and the negative points about using reproductive hormones to alter human fertility. HELP! Please! =D

I need to write an essay about julius cauesar based on human traits that have endured over time?

I need to use Julius Caesar and find quotes and examples from the book that prove THREE human traits that have endured over time. Thanks so much! =D

Human Impact on Pacific Coastal Range?

im doing an essay and i need examples how humans have impacted the pacific coastal range such as washington, oregon etc.Help please?