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What do you think makes Janet Jackson a great artist?

I’ve asked this before, a few months ago, but I hardly got any answers.So maybe I’ll be more lucky with some this time.I already know what I believe makes her a great artist (the best) but I want to hear others’ opinions and thoughts. I’ll probably keep rambling on into an essay if I give […]

What was Jules Winnfield’s (Samuel L. Jackson) job in Pulp Fiction?

I’m currently writing an essay about Jules in Pulp Fiction. I want to say he was a hitman, but he wasn’t really a hitman, he just worked for a mob boss. What’s the word/phrase for that? I just can’t think of what it is.A lackee?

How did president jackson ease the nullification crisis?

I have to write an essay about it and I’m really confused about it can you help?

Explain the causes of Indian Removal under President Jackson. Summarize how it was carried out?

This is a question I have for an FRQ in my history class. I need information to use in an essay, please. Thanks

Using your imagination describe how phonex jackson return back from town?

from: magic of words.Essay:a worn path

In what way did democracy expand during the Age of Jackson?

and how successful was it?i’m super confused and i have to write a 3 paragraph essay on this (5 would be better) so if you could just give me some notes that would be great.i dont want anyone to think that they are doing my homework for me. i just need some facts and such.

I need help on my thesis statement about michael jackson?:(?

ok so im writing an essay about Michael Jackson and in my class were using these three letters,, T-(Topic and three reasons that support your topic)A-(Adjectives insert one adjective infront of each word)P-(Plan put the topic and adjectives all together to form one sentence.)in my case i used Magnificent, Michael JacksonFantastic, Singerincredible, dancer(i need a […]

Do you think that President Andrew Jackson was a worst President?

Do you think that president JACKSON not johnson is the worst president if so PLease provide some example i am writing a two page essay and i have about 3/4 of a page left and i need more info of him being the worst president Please help me!

In detail explain the Andrew Jackson presidency?

Writting a Essay for history and I just need to highlight the important facts that went on during the Andrew Jackson Presidency that made it one of the best presidency elections.

The Lottery By Shirley jackson Essay Question?

How does the behaviors and conversatios of the townspeople forshadow the horrific ending?