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A good subject for the last body paragraph of my Essay: concerning the Iliad and the Odyssey?

I have written the the Introduction and four out of five body paragraphs for an essay I am writing about heroism in The Iliad and The Odyssey. The assignment is to write about the Ancient Greek definition of a hero. For the first four body paragraphs, I have chosen one character per a paragraph, and […]

What did Avatar: the Last Airbender taught you? College Application Essay.?

I want to write my college app essay about how i love ATLA and what lessons it teaches. Do you think this is a good idea? I was going to write it about my favorite superhero so which do you recommend? Well I allready have a couple of lessons ATLA has taught me but i […]

What person has made a huge impact on Math in the last Decade?

I have to do this Math essay and this is one of the questions. I need some names and then I can go from there.

I am stuck on the last point I must use in my essay, to prove my thesis. Help/suggestions appreciated A LOT?

The statement I was given is:”The outcome of a journey is determinedby the challenges and experiences endured by the individual”I have two points and have written them, but now I am stuck for the third. Please help!

Can you give me statics on cook county deaths in the last five years?

Im doing a 1000 word essay on guns and I need the number of cook county deaths for the last five years. (2002-2007, 2001-2006)Please give me number and not websites. Thanx..

Could I turn in an essay wrote last year to the same professor?

I’m currently taking an English class with the same professor from last year. Although I had to drop the class shortly after this paper was due (I don’t believe it was ever graded)How reasonable would it be to use the same paper, but update it and add in new information?(Same assignment as well)

Women who voted in the last federal election?

Is there somewhere I can find out how many women voted in the last federal election?If possible, I’d like to be able to do it on the internet, not have to actually contact someone. However, I’m really anxious to find the information, because it will make a perfect intro for my essay on women’s suffrage. […]

I wrote an TOEFL essay last night. Can anyone help me to correct it?(Thank you very much)?

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The most important problems in today’s world will be solved in our lifetime.In our modern society, environmental degradation and poverty are viewed as the most important problems. A great number of people opine that along with the development of technology and the transformation of attitude, these […]

Whats The last book in the universe’s plot?

were doing a compare and contract essay in english and im comparing it to the hunger games, i need help! what do i comparE? how do i compare it?

So I have an essay to write about my trip to Tokyo last year. I need some quotes or sayings?

I need some quotes or sayings about being “Away from Home” but in a good way that im excited to explore places ect. PLEASE HELP