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Has anyone used sites like or before?

Are these sites legit? I noticed that they do editing and also custom papers….just wondering if anyone had a good or bad experience with sites like these? Appreciate it.

Do you like my essay? What mark would you give me?

So Im in Grade 7 And we haad to do an essay only a paragraph (thats long) that talks about wether we though Louis Riel was a hero or villian and we had to put in 5 examples. I just put in the list of rights for the 5 examples do you think it counts? […]

Do you like my essay?

Never Give Up! Even if it seems all uphill Everyday someone new is given the opportunity of life. You can either accept it or go on everyday being depressed and lonely. The only way to enjoy life is to find that good part which some people never reach. Some decide to end their life before […]

Does she like me? Help?

I think this girl has been feeling me since the first day of school but im not sure. First day of school we had to wait outside so she comes up next to me and says your in this class to and i was like yeah iam and then i asked her name and then […]

What was music and society interactions like in the movie “Amadeus?” and what scenes portray it?

i’m writing an essay on it, and having a little trouble figuring out how music and society interactions were like, and which scenes would describe it.

Essay prompt – Peace Like A River/Metanarrative?

We have to write an essay about metanarrative influence in Peace Like A River and O Brother Where Art Thou?.I have absolutely no idea what any of this means; and it gets better – look at the essay promptThe prompt is:Make of it what you willSo if any of you guys could help that would […]

Culture and groups: Does it sound like she like me ?

Ok, so I’m in P’S and I met a girl on there. We got suspended at the same time and we started talking on IM. The first time we chatted we had FUN and did 4 4h! Ever since then we’ve grown so close. We tell each other we love each other and sometimes when […]

I almost feel like I’m exploiting my father’s death…?

I’m currently writing scholarship essays. Of course, my father’s death (and the time I spent with him while he was still alive) has impacted me GREATLY and, as a result, it’s pretty easy to find ways to use it in essays (I don’t try to play the pity card, but I do use it because […]

I’d like to start by saying I know i’m not some unique or special individual, my?

concerns are felt by many young adults so there is no issue of ego here or anything like that. But I am looking for advice. Ever since I was young I have always had an intense feeling that I don”t belong. I have plenty of friends and a pretty healthy social life but I have […]

Did bands like KISS evolve into screamo music?

i have an essay to write….