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Would you help a little girl named Susan who needs someone to write her essay and is willing to give money?

Little Susan got two B’s and the rest C’s on her essay. Her teacher is very picky and when Susan forgot to mention two other authors her B paper went to a C minus. Little Susan talked to this teacher many of times and he is not a C type person. Susan even showed her […]

Little Albert Experimental Study?

How would psychologists view the Little Albert Experiment by todays standards?If you could please give me some points or information about this it would be greatly appreciated. If you used refferences please include them so i can take a look at it also and include it in my essay.I’m in year 12 and having troubles […]

Little kid here and mother yelling at me?

My mom’s friend’s daughter is here and at first i kind of liked their visit since they weren’t really bothering me, but then i had to go upstairs and do my homework, and the little kid was following me. I didn’t really know she was there because she came later, so i went to the […]

Is there a baseball team in Little rock, arkansas?

i NEEEEEEED to know or i’ll get an F for my essay! :’(

The Education of Little Tree Ending?

Ok so for summer reading we had to read The Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter. One question we are answering is What is the ending of the story?. I read the book, don’t get me wrong, but it was like 2 months ago, and I kind of lost my book, so could someone […]

Need a little help with essays.?

Guys, i am takin part in a competion and i need some essays or speeches on the following topic- ‘Youth is the Period of Missing Opportunies’but i can’t find any. Please, if you can give a little explaination or a internet link, i would be realy thankful to you guys. Please help me!

A little help?

my floppy disk is taking forever to load around 12 pages.When i take it out it says (path not valid) and it is driving me nuts because i lost my essay. It tells me to try these suggestions such as,try and dabble in, in the following path, (A:the solar system and beyondDoc.)If i have lost […]

Do i have to little or to much homework?

i know its long but please read iti am in the 9th grade i had honors geometry, english, science, and history, and standard french. i was staying up to midnight doing homework nonstop from 3 pm. i didn’t even eat dinner. i would also have a i hr directed study two times a week. i […]

They that can give up essentials liberty yo obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or libert?

{can you write a 5 paragraph essay on this qoute}

How is Ursula from the Little Mermaid a villain?

I have to write an essay about her and I need to know In what ways, how, and why she is a villain?Thanks!