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Anyone know good websites about how the Egyptians made Pyramids?

I have to write an essay about this and i need some sources. Please help!

What person has made a huge impact on Math in the last Decade?

I have to do this Math essay and this is one of the questions. I need some names and then I can go from there.

How computers made inroads in life?

An essay in 150 – 200 words

What gothic literature is made of, help please?

what are some things gothic literature has in common? i need to write an example essay. we already discussed..PyschoThe Masque of the Red DeathThe Fall of the House of UsherThe RavenDr. Heidegger’s ExperimentThe Yellow WallpaperA Rose for Emilyi just need some thoughts. maybe that there’s always a fear of the unknown, they’re always “trapped”, greed […]

Artist who made mobiles?

Okay, so I have to write an essay for art class and I need to write it about an artist who made art mobiles. I wasn’t able to find anything online about one. If someone could get me a link to a page about an artist or something that would be great. I know this […]

Looking to buy a sewing machine, a simple, well made one, nothing fancy, just the basics.?

I haven’t sewn in 25 years or so. I hope I still can. I am looking for a new machine, one that is not difficult to use at all, or I won’t use irt.. I don’t need it for making clothes, I would use it mostly for hemming pants. and altering items. DOES ANYONE KNOW […]

Did I just made a huge mistake?

I am a single parent, have been for 14 years. I have a 16 year old son and for the last 2 years his grades have been slipping. His dad is not a very big part of his life, he has never been reliable or dependable and according to him I keep my son under […]

Who made the greatest impact on Canadian society in 2008?

In your opinion, who did?I’m writing an essay and I don’t want to do Stephen Harper because 1) everyone will pick him 2) he’s a dumb@$$!thanks for ur help

Who made a significant impact on Canada?

I have a essay to write so I need a little help picking someone.

What are the biggest contributions Jean-Jacques Rousseau made to society?

Mentioning them will do, you don’t have to explain your answer too much.Thank you very much!I’m writing an essay about him and I want to have a general idea of who I’m talking about.