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How do you make it so you can read Word documents on Adobe Reader?

Say, for instance, I had an essay or something that I wanted to open on Adobe Reader 7.0. How would I do this? Do I need to convert the document to a differnet format? If so, how do I do this?

How to make a perfect score on the SAT?

I am very math and science minded or linear minded. So I have some problem writing the essay. Any help will be appreciated. how do I improve my reading comprehension? I already reads many books. Any thing on math will help too

How do I make a descriptive essay about tawa-tawa’s anti-dengue properties?

By the way, tawa-tawa is a medicinal plant.I’m having a hard time especially in the introduction part ;A;HELP ME PLEASE (

Big decision to make, need help?

My dog is dying and my parents need to put him to sleep. They’re in Minnesota, I’m in Washington DC in college. I’ve had this dog since I was 7 years old, so I’m a wreck right now. I need to be home when we put him to sleep, we’re not exactly sure when it […]

Why is mesopotamia a good riegon amd what would be a good intro if i were to make a paper about it?

i have no clue what to do in this essay so i need your help! pleese answer what you know.

Does this make for a good claim for an essay?

super pacs should be banned

Can you make sure this is correct in Spanish?

I have a random Spanish essay due tomorrow and nobody can really check over my work, so if you can read over it and point out anything that would be great. Thanks! Going to post essay in three parts.En marzo de 1911, Emiliano Zapata llevó a la sublevación de los campesinos de Morelos a reclamar […]

Does this sentence make sense?

‘The religion served as a false rationale because it was used for the witchcraft charges to perpetrate societal cleansing, as a threat to the townspeople to do the unfair land distributions, and as a reason to lower the values of morality.’If it doesn’t, how should i revise it?It’s for my essay about Crucible.

Can I make it into Notre Dame and is there any thing specific I can do to make my application stand out?

I have taken my ACTs twice and have gotten a 30 both times so just below their average. I took the SATs last weekend and am taking the ACTs again this Saturday. I am involved in many activities: 4-H, FFA, Speech, BPA, varsity volleyball, varisty softball, and varsity track. I was the class secretary sophomore […]

GUN CONTROL do you think it make you more or less safe to have one?

Im writting an essay and would like to know some resons why it is safe or or not to have a gun?