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Do you like my essay? What mark would you give me?

So Im in Grade 7 And we haad to do an essay only a paragraph (thats long) that talks about wether we though Louis Riel was a hero or villian and we had to put in 5 examples. I just put in the list of rights for the 5 examples do you think it counts? […]

Is 3 paragraphs enough for a GCSE 20 mark History essay?

excluding intro and conclusion

Has anyone ever read the Essay by Mark Twain “Last words by great men” if so please help?

I don’t know what to say for this? I have a journal in school that im doing and i dont know what to say to these questions. And these are my last three questions of it out of all 25 so if you could help that would be great.1.What emotion did you hear in Mark […]

What did Mark Twain want to say by writing his novel the adventures of huckleberry finn?

Ok, well my class and i are supposed to write a 5 to 7 page essay on why Mark Twain, the writer of “the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, wrote that novel. My guess is that he wrote it to show the reader how bad society was and how cruel they were to slaves. Please help […]

Please mark my English Essay! I’ll be eternally grateful!?

I’m taking the AQA GCSE on An Inspector Calls next week, and in preparation I wrote a 45 minute essay in response to the question “How does the play show contrasts between the philosophies of the Inspector and Mr Birling?” If anyone with experience in the play, or in essay writing generally, would be lovely […]

What software can I download to mark essays?

University Under graduate

John Stuart Mill? Mark Steyn’s “America Alone”..What would he say?

Has anyone read the book On Liberty by John Stuart Mill? It’s a very interesting essay by him talking about liberty and freedom of speech and where the lawful limits of society are in term of individual rights. There’s an episode on tvo about Mark Steyn and his book “America Alone” about how muslims will […]

Elaboration on why Mark David Chapman may have considered John Lennon a “phony”?

im doing a essay about the book catcher in the rye…..i have to discuss some points on chapman assasination of lennon…….i need help w/ why he considers him a phony…..

Can someone write me a 16 mark essay question or give me ideas?

the question is how far did ideas about the cause of disease change from the roman period to the end of the middle ages? please help.thank you.

How many words should a 40 mark A2 essay have?

I have a 40 mark essay for sociology on value freedom, it’s my first 40 mark one so I’m not sure how many words it needs or how it’s marked, help please?