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What do you think of same sex marriage?

I will be writing an essay about why same sex marriage should be legalized in many states but I’d like to add people’s view points on the whole situation in my essay. If you support it or don’t support, explain why you think that way. Be completely honest too.

Is it ethically right for politicians to intrude into homosexuality marriage?

I am writing a 4000 word essay on “Is it ethically right for politicians to intrude into homosexuality marriage”. Do you think this is a good topic to write about? Is it too general? What are your suggestions? How should I rephrase my question?

What are some ideals about marriage portrayed in the song “Sk8ter boi” by Avril Lavigne?

I’m writing an essay comparing the play “the Importance of being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde and the song “Sk8ter boi” by Avril Lavigne. These are the topics i came up with: 1) segregation/ class 2) Marriage 3)IdentityDoes anyone have any ideas? I’m especially having troubles with comparing marriage in the two (I need similarities).thanks

Writing an essay on why same-sex marriage should be legal…in need of examples?

My essay is supposed to be based loosely off of a newspaper article, and I’m also supposed to state my opinion and my reasons for holding that opinion. Well, I obviously support same-sex marriage but I need some legal examples of a few things stated in the article:the first being this quote “We just want […]

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s Marriage- ESSAY. Please Help!?

So, I have to write an essay on the macbeths marriage and what I think about it. I only need two middle paragraphs instead of one, and four paragraphs in total, I have written the starting paragraph which includes the thesis and was wondering what I need to change… my teacher said my supporting points […]

Do sociologist view same sex marriage as not a norm thing?

From a sociologist perspective, do same sex marriage break the chain in what is consider normal in society? Is there a term they used for such beliefs? This is an essay I’m writing, so I would love the help.

Marriage is a private affair by Chinua Achabe?

Im doing 600-900 word essay on this story and I have 300 words so far! I’m looking for someone to base their opinion on the novel or find me information/summaries on it. Thank you ill grant you 10 points

I am pro gay rights and have a question about same sex marriage.?

I have a question for an essay I’m doing. I want to know what rights married couples have that single couples do not have. Therefore; the rights that most gay couples are denied.

Title for marriage essay?

i did an essay on marriage, and hwy its better then just living with someone (common-law) but i need a catchy title! short and sweet, idea? thanks!

What are five things that makes a marriage successful and why?

I am doing an essay for psycology and I need some ideas to get me started. Thank you. Your help will be greatly appriciated. =]] I will give 10 pts to the 1st person who gives me a good well thought answer that will help me