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How did the Mexican war and Westward expansion bring apart the southern secession?

please help me. i have an ap history final tomorrow and its one big dbq (essay) and its covering from the 1840′s to the civil war. Some of the documents are Missouri compromise, treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo, a discourse of the constitution by John C. Calhoun, ostend manifesto, know nothing platform, southern view of Kansas, […]

Relation between the Mexican war and the Civil War?

A recent historical essay suggests that if the Mexican War had not happened, the Civil War would not have happened either. Assess this proposal with particular regard to • The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo• The Compromise of 1850• The Kansas-Nebraska Act• The election of 1860

How does a Mexican girl gets pregnant?

Her teacher told her to go home and do her essays, lol.

How has Mexican Spanish influenced American english?

I need to get information about this because I got an essay do for my chicano studies class. Im not having much luck in finding info. Help please I realy need to pass this class.