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Of mice and men course work help!?

i have a corsework due in a few weeks on Of Mice and Men by John Steinback and i really need help in structuring my essay. i know about PEE but if you do have any suggestions, guidlines, pointers etc regarding it please do suggest. my essay question is “How are the themes of loneliness […]

What pages does the fight between lennie and curley start in Of mice and men?

need for an essay thanks

Animal Imagery and Mood in Of mice and men?

Helppp, essay on animal imagery and one of my body paragraphs has to be on animal imagery and mood together and how they effect each other, someone want to give me ideas or write a paragraph for me?

I need help writing a comparison essay about the novels “Ethan Frome” & “of mice and men”. please help!?

i need to have themes that are in both books so i can write a comparison essay.PLEASE HELP!

Help with Of Mice and Men essay question?

the question is Did George make the right decision when he shot Lennie at the end of the story? Why or why not? i have been extremely busy and have not had time to do it. any help would be great.

How is Lennie lonely in the book ‘of mice and men’?

I am writing an essay on the book ‘of mice and men’ and i need to know how is lennie lonely. i though he wasnt lonely because he has george….. a little help?

Of Mice and Men Essay Help! Please!?

I’m writing an essay about the book Of Mice and Men and I’m stumped! I’m writing about Curley’s Wife and how she was discriminated in the 1930′s because she was a women. I’m stuck because I can’t think of 3 reasons to write about how she was discriminated against as a women. Please help me […]

Essay Of Mice and men Help with 2 pages?

You must illustrate the saying “we always hurt the ones we love” in the book? You must cite three examples from the book. I know 1 from the part George shoots Lennie?I need the essay to be 2 pages …

I need a good hook for my of mice and men essay?

its a descriptive essay about curley’s wife

What kind of insects do mice eat?

I’m tryin to do an essay and I’ve been lookin on Wikipedia but they don’t have any information on what kind of insects that mice will eat. If someone can give me any information I’d be much obliged.