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Pros and Cons of getting a monroe piercing?

ok, i really want a monroe piercing and my mom was alittle iffy about letting me get it because it’s on my face. so she said if i really want it i have to write her a one page essay on the pros and cons of getting one, so i know fully what im doing. […]

How did Marilyn Monroe become a sex symbol shaped the world?

someone said that Monroe showed that becoming sexy during a time that forbidded it was okay. can someone explain how her being a sex symbol helped the world? and PLEASE give me a link to the website you get your information for. i have to write an essay on her, and i need FACTS. okkkkaaaayy […]

History question about washington and monroe wanting to stay out of european (world affairs)?

here’s the assignment:Washington and Monroe believed the United States should not become involved in European (world) affairs. They believed the United States should try to remain isolated from world affairs. In your essay, address the following:Is it possible for the United States to follow the same policy today? Why or why not? Cite news events […]