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What subculture would you say i most identify with. For school essay?

Ok i have an essay i need to write for my english class. I have to describe the subculture that i most identify with. I figured it would be easy but I have never really thought about it before so as I am thinking about it I have no idea. a little about mei am […]

HELP: Which essay title sounds most professional..?

Pick the one that sounds most professional.. or write your own. How we can use technology in order to learn betterHow to use technology in order to learn betterHow can a student use technology to learn better

What are the most important qualities parents should teach their children?

Its for an essay- thank you in advance!

Most beautiful place in France?

Most beautiful place in France?I need to make a diorama and write an essay on a beautiful famous location in France. NOT INCLUDING THE EIFFEL TOWER. What place do you think is most beautiful? A picture would also be helpful

Why are the poorest people in society most likely to have poor health? Sociology Question- Need Extra Help!?

so im doing this exam Q & i’m supposed to answer the question—Why Are The Poorest People In Society Most Likely To Have Poor Health?—- i got a essay plan, but i’d like to get some EXTRA info from actual sociologists or by people who’ve taken the subject already. I am on GCSE level, top […]

What part of the Holocaust is the most interesting? Tell me which part would be best to research?

I have to do a project on the Holocaust, and im not sure what part of that history should i focus on that is the most interesting, and a lot to talk about. I have to write an essay about it and why it is important that the remembrance, history, and lessons of the Holocaust […]

Who most impacted the development of quantum mechanics and why?

For one of my essays for physics we need to make an argument for which physicists were most influential in the development for quantum mechanics, summarize their contributions and compare them to another contributor, and include the historical relevance of those contributions. I have some physicists in mind: Einstein, Bohr, Schrodinger, and Planck. Any others […]

Most important news event that happened over the summer?

i have an essay due for english about what i think is the most important event that happened over the summer. but the problem is that i cant find anything online about it and i didn’t watch the news this summer. so please help by giving me some news events that happened between mid may […]

What do you believe is the most important issue facing children today?

I am currently trying to come up with an idea for an essay for a grade 12U course. We were asked to write about issues such as child poverty, child labour, or the effect of war on children. However, I was hoping for something a little more original.Any of your brilliant ideas would be greatly […]

What are most of the successes and failures of James Garfield?

I need at leave 8-10 of each… this is for an essay