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Why is National Geographic still tlaking about gil slits in embrios?

Mistakes recapitulate mistakes?human embryos have skin fold that aren’t gills and they aren’t slits… so why are they referred to as gil slitsHaekel made some fraudulent drawings about 150 years ago trying to cliam that embrios went though evolutionary cycles before human birth and was well known then to be a fraud but it didn’t […]

I need help writing this for National Honor Junior Society.?

okk so i’m a candidate to participate in the National Honor Junior Society and i need to write an essay. I really just need help to write a good introduction and a concluding paragraph. any help is appreciated. thankks. =]

How do you write a good essay to get into the National Honor Society?

My essay topic is:What qualities do you possess and how will they benefit the National Honor Society? I have my introduction I just got stuck after that. And here it isQualities are essential or distinctive characteristics, properties, or attributes that each human being possesses. Qualities such as ambitious, intelligent, cooperative, responsible, trustworthy, and giving are […]

Essays on national integration in india?

I can give you some points- India is a country with so many- relligions- castes- regions- languages etc but still it is known for its integrity- It has world wide recognition in integration. India is known as a country with unity in deversity. Now you yourself sketch out the Essay on your topic

How does Torn from the nest and The Underdogs characterize the role of indigenous groups in national projects?

Essay question… Help with a thesis? These are novels concerned with Latin American nation building help!

Need an introduction for an essay about the food pyramid and full day car – national minimum standards…HELP!?

i can write essays just need help starting them, once im started im off lol … so i need help people! i need an introduction (doesn’t have to be too long) but needs to be simple and not many big words as it must seem its written by me im 19 so not childish writing […]

Does the French National Front party want to reclaim former colonial territories?

I’m sure i have read that Le Pen wants/wanted to reclaim former overseas territories, but now i’m looking for a citation of this on the internet for an essay and i can’t find anything….

National Meat Association v. Harris?

This is a Supreme Court case that I write an essay on, but I have no idea what the questions mean! Could you give me an easier understanding of the questions presented for this case? Thank you! Here’s the case: The Federal Meat Inspection Act (“FMIA”), as amended by the Wholesome Meat Act of 1967 […]

How has the UK government attempted to protect national industies during recession?

I need to know different stategies the government has tried, even if they have failed. I have an essay due and im really stuck :S help!

How many protests have there been against the Grand National? :)?

just wondering so that i can put it for my english essay!