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I think you shouldent celebrate thanksgiving because you are celebrating the killings of the native americans?

Why do you think you should celebrate thanksgiving its for a perrsasive essay on why thanksgiving shouldent be celebrated i need pros and cons

How did the Americans try to “civilize” the Native Americans?

I’m writing an essay on how Native Americans were effected during the Americans expansion of land. I know that the Americans tried or at least wished to civilize them, buy their land, fight them for their land, and turned tribes against each other…

Early encounters between colonists and native americans, essay, please help?

Early encounters between american indians and european colonists led to a variety of relationships among the different cultures.Analyze how the actions taken by both american indians and european colonists shaped those relationships in TWO of the following regions. Confine your answer to the 1600′ england orchesapeake orspanish southwest ornew york and new franceCan anyone help […]

Could any native English speaker please edit this short essay?

White european people and culture are the japanese people’s favourite and it is what the japanese culture admires and worships. Also because they have favourite colour of skin, you could imagine how they treat if you were not their favourite. They do see difference in skin colour. Why don’t they just stop seeing the difference […]

Where can I find James Baldwin’s essay Notes to a Native Son online?

I have to write an essay today about his peice (the one that starts off with his father’s death/funeral) but I forgot my book somewhere, with no way of retreiving it, so I need a website that allows me to read the whole (approx. 6-7 pages) essay. Pleaseeeeeee respond quickly if anyone can help!

Native americans//european americans (white people)’s veiws on westward expansion?

ehhh! i have an essay due tomorrow and it is compare and contrast the views of the native american and european americans toward the westward expansion…please help me=]]asapp

Can any native speakers revise my Spanish essays?

Native speakers only please! If you are willing to help me just tell me your email address so I can send you the essays.Mil gracias!

Reasons/ points supporting that the English colonists treatment of native Americans was NOT genocide?

I am having a hard time thinking about three more ways to support that the English colonists treatment of native americans (in the 1600′s) was NOT genocide. I, personally, do not agree with this, but for an essay I have to write, I am assigned the “not genocide” section, and I am having a hard […]

Native Son by Richard Wright?

I did read the book, I just need help answering this essay prompt.”Although they may appear only briefly or seem insignificant, minor characters can have a major impact on the text. Identify a minor character in Native Son by Richard Wright who you believe has a significant impact on the text. Describe why the presence […]

Could any native English speaker please correct grammar mistake? I need to write an essay in English?

I don’t get frustrated in Japan because I’m able to tell people how I feel but since I said whatever I wanted to say, I had no social life and had quit 7 jobs in the first six months in Japan. but now, I have understood it is not because of the person I worked […]