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Would you help a little girl named Susan who needs someone to write her essay and is willing to give money?

Little Susan got two B’s and the rest C’s on her essay. Her teacher is very picky and when Susan forgot to mention two other authors her B paper went to a C minus. Little Susan talked to this teacher many of times and he is not a C type person. Susan even showed her […]

What are my limits as a person with a learning disability or special needs or can I be equal?

“Hey I haven’t been diagnosed with Dyspraxia was diagnosed with motor delay which is similar and I have poor direction, difficulty buttoning clothes fast, couldn’t tie my laces until I was 11 which was embarrassing because my older sister Kim could tie her laces when she was only 4, My rhythm has improved since end […]

Toilet training – he won’t tell me when he needs to go?

My son is 30 months 4 months ago he was showing signs of wanting to use the toilet so I started potty training. I used stickers as rewards, got him to decorate his potty with stickers, tried one if those seats that goes over your toilet seat, got him to pick out his own ‘big […]

Is it right to do something UNJUST to meet the selfish needs of an individual?

I have to write an essay about this, and I’m not sure how to start out. I’d like your opinions, and if you have any links that would be helpful, that would be great. Thanks

I need an invention that has never been created before and combines two items or needs into one.?

The invention is for a persuasive essay in school and cannot be existing. It should combine two items or needs into one superior device. Such as a diaper with diaper rash cream already attached to it so parents don’t have to buy cream separately or look through their big bag for it. Any ideas will […]

College Essay! Good or needs improvement?

I am trying to write my personal essay for my college application and I would like some suggestions. I decided to write about a person who has influenced my life, my mom. Please give me any suggestions or just comments! My early decision is due on Tuesday November 15th! People constantly tell me that I […]

This thesis statment needs cleaning up please help?

The Image of the American Flag is a symbol that unifies all Americans, It is displayed in various instances, it has been derived from many flags in history, and also stands for certain values and ideals to can I improve this and make it better and what are some other things i could add […]

Im stuck essay due week ago i need turn it in tomarrow how i keep going needs 7 pages has 3 someone help?

Allen119, April 2009Same Love, Same Freedom Have you ever hated someone’s orientation enough for you to harm him or her? On February 12, 2008 a 15-year-old teen named Lawrence King, was shot in the head by Brandon McInerney a 14-year-old boy. Lawrence King was gay he even wore make up and other accessories. The kids […]

What could i do for an essay that needs an experience with language?

i have to write a narrative essay about one experience i had with language. i have NO CLUE what to write about. any one have an experiences or ideas that could help?