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A good subject for the last body paragraph of my Essay: concerning the Iliad and the Odyssey?

I have written the the Introduction and four out of five body paragraphs for an essay I am writing about heroism in The Iliad and The Odyssey. The assignment is to write about the Ancient Greek definition of a hero. For the first four body paragraphs, I have chosen one character per a paragraph, and […]

Homer and odyssey?

I am suppose to write a two page essay titled “did homer write the odyssey?”. what discussions can I make out of it because I am really stuck. User tags:write an essay that explains several of the devices employed by bards

I need a creative essay title for ‘The Odyssey’ please help me out?

“The Odyssey: A Story of Survival and Moral Dilemmas”The Odyssey: An Adventure Story of Epic Proportions”Good luck!

Would you call the stories in the Odyssey myths or fiction?

I have an essay question on the retelling of ancient Greek myths in modern literature. I have an example I really want to use based on the sirens from the Odyssey, but I am not sure if it counts as a myth. Does the Odyssey count as myth or literature? Does anyone know if the […]

Three reasons why odysseus is intelligent and successful in the odyssey?

I am writing an essay and I need three good reasons why odysseus is smart and a hero. thanks for your help(:

Help! Essay on book 21 of the Odyssey?

I need to write an essay titled “To what extent is book 21 exciting” for tomorrow and basically i don’t know what to write.i did it ages ago and i lost it but i got help with it then and i don’t remember anything from it :SPlease please please help me!(by the way book 21 […]

I need 2 quotes that show odysseus being stupid in the odyssey for an essay.?

he was all for himself, he never thought things through, arrogant, mis leading, lol if you look back at all of the things hes done, he put all of his people in great danger.

Connections Between Huck Finn And The Odyssey?

hey, i have to write an essay on a similar or different idea that is found in both the Odyssey and Huck Finn. I am currently trying to write one on how Odysseus treats everyone as if they were unequal, and how Huck treats everyone as equal, but i am having a hard time writing […]

What is a quote from the Odyssey that decribes how determined Odysseus is to get himself and his men home?

need it for a essay paragraph! Help!

In the book the Odyssey, why did the suitors deserve what they got?

I’m writing an essay on this topic and i need to know specific reasons and examples why the suitors deserved what they got.