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Can I make it into Notre Dame and is there any thing specific I can do to make my application stand out?

I have taken my ACTs twice and have gotten a 30 both times so just below their average. I took the SATs last weekend and am taking the ACTs again this Saturday. I am involved in many activities: 4-H, FFA, Speech, BPA, varsity volleyball, varisty softball, and varsity track. I was the class secretary sophomore […]

Explain the causes of Indian Removal under President Jackson. Summarize how it was carried out?

This is a question I have for an FRQ in my history class. I need information to use in an essay, please. Thanks

I need a 5 page essay on how thanksgiving came to be can anyone help out?

i need this for a essay contest that happens to deal with me winning at state level can anyone help me

Is my essay proper? PLz READ and help me out?

so my Essay Topic is “compare and contrast life styles, social norms and responsibilities of different social classes in and outside of Europe during 18th century”and this is my “This essay will examine and compare 18th century China and England and how they had evolved in terms of social, political and economic aspects”Plz I need […]

Desperately need help! Times running out!?

— This is my intorduction so far: This is an Essay on Mana, a Japanese fashion designer who opened his own fashion line in 1999. He was credited with being the pinnacle of the Lolita fashion and is also a famous musician.This essay will talk about his work, what it was like and who it […]

I need a creative essay title for ‘The Odyssey’ please help me out?

“The Odyssey: A Story of Survival and Moral Dilemmas”The Odyssey: An Adventure Story of Epic Proportions”Good luck!

Urgent Help Needed! prego, moving out, child mollesting…..?

aiight, one of ma gurlz (not gf. a bff.) had sex with dis dude. DaShawn. it went on for 1 1/2 hours…and with 0% protection. chances are dat she’s prego now.and her stepdad is a child mollestin freak. (dont ask or say ‘tell the SS’ we know wut we gotta do) we need to raise […]

I am looking for an essay titled “My Ideal School”Can anybody help me out?

It has to be written of a student’s thinking, not a teacher’s or adult’s thinking.

My chances in Colorado at Boulder? (PLEASE! Im stressing out!)?

My SAT score:Maths 640CR 500Writing 580GPA in my school is not calculated, or not yet anyway, I’m sure its higher than 3 – I’m in a British International School. As for Extra curricular, 150 hours + of the following: AthleticsI have been playing center back for my school Soccer team for last two years; we […]

SORRY. Yahoo please help me out. I’ll make you all millionaires! THESIS statement for an argument essay?

I am beyond frustrated. My prof said we can come to him for question but yet he does not reply! Anyways, my argument essay is on Communication. We are to pick a scenario.So, I decided on an incident where we were in a group and a had a huge presentation and project due… and one […]